Sunday, 18 October 2020

From Inner Room to Outer Space (New Ambient, Drone, Experimental Mix series)


From Inner Room to Outer Space is a regular new Mix / Podcast release from Andy N from Ocean in a Bottle.

Composing of all kinds of ambient, drone, experimental and field recordings, each mix will take the listener on a different journey from outer space in-between planets to forgotten oceans and forgotten corners of cities with layers of sounds and songs (some known and some forgotten) helping the listener build up a new channel of memories on each one.

Mix 1 contains tracks by Ocean in a Bottle, Jason Luxton (Overlook), Kevin Richard Martin (Kevin the Bug Martin, Techno Animal, God etc), the A.M Experiment with a re-imaginging of Talk Talk, Olga Wojciechowska, Jane Seasy, Kareen Lotfy, Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze, Dead Voices on Air (Zoviet France related), KĊhachiro Miyata and Foehn.  

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Mix 2 contains tracks by Ocean in a Bottle , Simon Scott, Melissa Pons, Jana Winderen Claire M Singer , Chris Watson, Ipek Gorgun , Bethan Kellough, Nicola Di Croce, Alexandra Spence.

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More mixes will follow over the next few weeks at:

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Friday, 9 October 2020

Sonnets for Shakespeare reading

Not one for bigging myself up as I would much rather my words do that for themselves which I like to think they do, but the enclosed poem below has appeared as parts for the Sonnets for Shakespeare and I got invited to read it at the launch tonight.

I'll share the poem in a second but some of the comments I got were:

What really pleased me was the feedback I got afterwards which included the following praise:

There is such an anger in this work x

Sam Egelstaff


Rebecca Salomonsson 

Very well performed, Andy

John F Keane 

A beautiful Volta/change of tone in the end x

Sam Egelstaff 

Very strong stuff Andy -and yes - vivid

Jenny Robb 

Nice one Andy

Ian Henery 

Well done - it was great.  Loved the simmering emotion in it!

Charlotte Kearns

The poem can be read here

Monday, 14 September 2020

Underground Part 10 to 18



Maybe see you later?

Her question calls out to him

Tepid in her guilt. 


Complicated these are

The guard answers you smiling

Opening the gate.


Re reading your texts

You fail to see the crowd at

The back building.


Lost in a tempter

Your rubbish day gets even worse

When you miss your stop.


Noting down train times

the more deserted each is

feels more heartbreaking


Running from the train

their relief is clear rushing

out of the station.


You smile after he 

Hides his wedding ring then slips 

getting off the train


September darkness

Makes the late running train feel

even much later 


He doesn’t wake him up

until he has missed his stop 

smiling silently

Saturday, 22 August 2020

Underground (First Nine Haiku's in a new series on facebook - Late August 2020)

Out of tune busker
Pausing for a few moments
Opens up a beer.

Pausing for its breath
The train can’t look back turning
Away from the guard.

Getting off the train
You almost turn back round to
Get straight back on it.

Stepping from the mist
You feel like you are stepping
From a dark film noir.

Pausing suddenly
you think briefly getting off
your pass is at home.

On the way off you
Pick up a paper before
dropping in the rain.

Back from holiday
Your bag won't stay on the rack
Wanting to go back.

The wind pushes you
Down the platform like it is
Wants off it quickly.

Entering August
At your stop your train
Overfull doesn’t stop.

Friday, 21 August 2020

New Haikus and Tankas - Last July 2020 to Late August 2020 (posted on facebook)


Journey’s End
(In memory of Roger Quigley – 1969 to 2020)

Ringing in my ears
my dreams are like yours pinned to
a revolving door.


Neon mystery (New Haiku)

Backlit in Neon
the willows don't change colour
unlike what you say



Shrouded by the mist
bird sounds hover on the breeze
Beside a cold stream


As the evening fades
two women chat of lost love
Just before the tears



Slipping off the bank next to the river Tame

Calling out your name
The cuts and bruises are a
Painful reminder.


Disappearing in the midnight air across the meadows

Leaving no trace your
Feet disappear suddenly
In the midnight air.



Shifting moods in the moonlight (A Near Haiku)

Changing colour in
The moonlight your face looks like
a restless ghost.




counting memories
His face dissolves across
the road in the rain.



Behind You

Next to the water
The wind chases behind you
Like a naughty child.



Early Evening Walk

Come into the woods
The wind calls hidden inside
The Leaves and the bark.



Faces II (Upon stopping at trees at midnight in the forest)

Branches turn into
Angry faces at midnight
Like it was saying .
Just hurry up and go
before something nasty comes


Stopping at the Sea Wall

Closing shut your eyes
The pain only stops when you
Turn away for good


Faces (I) (A New Haiku)

Face down to the ground
your guilt is never more clearer
spoken out or not.


After last night’s storm
Striped nervously in the sky
The sun and the wind
Pauses Like they are
Studying what has happened.

After the storm has
Passed your daily walk looks more
And more unlikely.


5.00am Blues

Looking at your life
Awake before the alarm
You hear the birds cry.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

What does poetry mean to me? (and new publications)

(NB. Been asked to write this for Bang about what does poetry mean to me?)

I started poetry as a freedom of expression before it became a freedom from my soul tapping away at something else altogether and I had wrote several books, fronted several bands (some more successful and tuneful than others), fronted a spoken word Podcast (Spoken Label) and now writing articles on a weekly for a online arts magazine all linked to that frightened young man who didn’t now what he wanted. I think that young man if he had a time machine would be proud of what he grew up to become knowing my journey as a poet has took off in all kinds of directions but has remained honest to myself throughout. 
Andy N, Poet, Podcaster, Musician and Journalist.

(also Bang magazine have published six newish poems of mine here

(Poets Unlimited Issue 5 has also published some new poems of mine here also)

(My work with the Sunday Tribune is also producing new material on a weekly basis here and all of my Podcasts which can be seen on the Podcast page have all been very very busy)

Saturday, 25 July 2020

More Haikus and Tankas

NB. All of these have appeared on my facebook feed over the past week or so.



Reflected in love
Love shines beyond words in us
Looking at the rain.


Counting the raindrops
The Kitten taps the window
In a soft flurry
Following your piano
Duetting by the soft rain


Restless on the sea
The storms rage higher, higher
And with it your hopes.


skipping over roofs
the rain misses our garden
and only soaks theirs


Even at midnight
The waves climb the barriers
Reaching to the stars


slowed down to silence
at midnight in the forest
even the birds sleep


counting syllables
if you add a few more words
a haiku could be
easily be a tanka
or possibly a sonnet


When closing one door
another always opens
until it doesn’t.


Like a old bus tick-
et my childhood is lost
in another life.


Fumbling for change
an elderly man tuts im-
patient in the heat.


Trembling under
the bridge, your arms get heav-
ier the more you wait.


Leaving us stranded
We take refuge in the bus
Station no where near home
When national express lets us
Down for the second time today.


Translucent, your mood
gets worse the more late you
are told your coach is.


Yesterday the light-
ening was in the east but now
Is instead the west
Devoured by the horizons
And the plum scented breeze.