Wednesday, 8 December 2021

New Spoken Label Podcast release


Latest up from Spoken Label (Author/Poet/Artist Podcast) is a regular at the spoken word open mic night I co-run #Speak Easy Mary Cunningham





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Saturday, 4 December 2021

Latest Music / Noise News


Few bits and pieces going for my music / sounds in December and hints beyond.. 

1) Ocean in a Bottle..

a) Two new tracks are coming out on the latest Ambient Online Comp CD middle of December I believe.

Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 15.

See for more details

b) A track on the theme of Silence on 05 December I believe for Cambertelectrique


c) A track for Christmas during December for Cambertelectrique


d) A Christmas track for D.I.H. and friends @ Christmas 2021 album End of December


e) The Other side of the Moon

A new Ocean in a Bottle single beginning of January with a remix from Distance


2) Piano in a Bottle:

a) Walking with ghosts near Christmas

(An EP with a alternative version looking at mood over Xmas with Pianos. See

b) A new Piano in a Bottle to follow D.I.H. and friends - Middle of December

c) With Ghosts over deserts

(An Album to follow in Feb or Mar with demo versions - Pianos in deserts)

3) Distance:

a) and b) Alongside Ocean in a Bottle, Distance also has tracks on the Silence and Christmas comps for Cambert Electrique in December.

c) A new Distance track to follow on D.I.H. and friends - Middle of December

d) new Improvisation album 'Space Signals' to follow in December with two new long impros recorded in November and December. One for January containing new work from December to January at the moment called 'Winter' will follow.

e) Distance also has a remix forthcoming on the next Ocean in a Bottle single 'The Other Side of the Moon'..

Friday, 3 December 2021

Speak Easy thank yous for December 2021 and future bookings for January 2022



Thanks to everybody who attended last night @Dulicmer (567 Wilbraham Rd, Greater, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0AE). A seriously great night - there was certainly well over 40 people in attention and we would like to thank the following readers:

1) Chris Moore

2) Reggie Agulha Jr.

3) Jane Aderonke Hart

4) Sean McGlynn

5) Loll Perkin

6) Dany Bowen

7) Andy Millician

8) Amanda Nicholson

9) Roy Page

10) Steve Brown

11) Anthony Briscoe

12) Amy Langley

13) Tom Stocks (aka the Chubby Northerer) 

14) Carla Xenia

15) David Bond

16) Isabelle Pandora Byrne

17) Andy Npoet

18) Zara

19) Anna Percy

20) Grant Curnow

Bookings will start for the January Speak Easy (which will be on thursday 06 January 2022!) from this Sunday 06 December at mid-day - either message me directly on facebook or email me on

Amanda has photographs which she will be sharing on the speak easy group on facebook ( over the weekend and I've got a audio recording of most of the night which will be out in the next few days once I've edited it etc. 

Thanks again everybody. We loved it as always

Andy Npoet Amanda Nicholson and standing in for Steve Smythe who was dearly missed this month Mike Booth

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

Speak Easy listings and news December 2021


Had a busy week this week, but here is the complete list for Speak Easy (our spoken word open mic night) for 2 December 2021 as always at Chorlton Cum Hardy's Dulicmer, 567 Wilbraham Rd, Greater, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0AE on thursday 02 December 2021.

Night starts as always at 7.30pm and will be 4 minute slots. 

If anybody wants to go on the subs list email me at: 

Everybody is welcome to attend even if to watch.

Reggie Agulha Jr.

Ben Willkommens

Anthony Briscoe 

Grant Curnow

Roy Page

Esther Koch

Ronke Jane Hart   

Amy Langley       

Isobelle Byrne 

Sean McGlynn      

Chris Moore 

Rosie Lawson    

Gordon Zola

Eve Nortley

Tom Stocks    

Andy Millington   

Carla Xenia

Penny Sharman

Polly Anna Rose

Keith Lander 

Dany Bowen     

Loll Perkin       

Andy N

Amanda Nicholson

Mike Booth

Steve Brown

Saturday, 27 November 2021

The art in trying to find the right Podcast (Part 5)


I wasn’t planning to do a Part 5 of finding the right Podcast, but alas I’ve had a few approaches come through over the past two weeks or so which will result in likely several more emails over the next few weeks over terrible pitches in Podcasts. 

First one, this one came through on Bandcamp which does give you the option of emailing the act via Bandcamp.

I won’t name the gentleman with this approach, and will cut several details of where he lives and what his books are and a few personal details.

I'm fifty-six and I live in V****** , B***** C******, C*****, eh? About three years ago, I hit emotional-bottom and reached out to God. Since then, my life has changed in the following ways: I'm no longer addicted to sugar.

My weight has gone from 235 lbs. to 170 lbs. I work-out regularly: weight-lifting, yoga and daily, long walks.

Most importantly, I've been pursuing my dream of becoming a professional writer of creative fiction with more passion than ever before. For me, at least. Now? I have close to sixty books on-line. If you Google Indigo Books and search J*** L****, you can check them out. Recently, I was interviewed by D**** on his D****** With D**** podcast. It's on YouTube. I have around five thousand Facebook friends and I'm in hundreds of Facebook groups. I've posted a link to your awesome website on my Facebook profile page. Thank you for your time and consideration. Warmest Regards, J***!

Problems with this approach? I actually remember this gentleman as he approached with the same message back in August or so this year I recall and upon researching him at the same time, it appeared that he had wrote over 60 books in 3 years. Being married to a novelist, I know from experience how much work goes into a novel not 60 in 3 years or so – that is a pace that is worrying and when I read a few extracts it showed, they were badly worded, badly structured – bad stereotypes of female characters – well, there was nothing good with it.

As soon as the message came through I sent a polite message declining why I wasn’t interested in chatting to them only to get the extact same message as before.

I sent this email in response this time

Thanks John for the message;

You originally approached me in August this year I believe, and you have just sent me the exact same message as you did then, and I wasn't interested then and my answer stays the same now thanks but no thanks.

A gentle reminder is to perhaps research the Podcast you are wishing to appear on. If they turn you down once, and you send exactly the same message again a few months later will not make them want to bring you on and it also looks quite unprofessional.”

I expect to hear from this gentleman I suspect in the Spring of next year, maybe next year and he’ll still be peddling the same old rubbish as before, and no doubt I’ll have to be somewhat more forceful with him bordering on the rude I suspect. 

Friday, 12 November 2021

New Ambient Online / Music submission call out


Nothing to do with me, but Ambient Online, a excellent online comp series which I regularly send tracks as Ocean in a Bottle has another call out coming out, here is Chris from them's call out

Hey guys! Hope you are all safe, staying busy and preparing for the months ahead. It's that time again for another Ambient Online Compilation. These compilations have become such a wonderful source of inspiration for not only the artists involved, but those who listen and enjoy them as well. If I haven't said it before a million times, I truly appreciate your participation! Have fun with this one. Submissions window is open for a little over a month.


1.) You can submit up to 2 tracks per bi-monthly compilation. Please limit each track to 10 minutes.

2.) Brand new tracks specifically made for these compilations are highly preferred. The main impetus behind our new format is to encourage you to produce and participate more regularly.

3.) Tracks should be unmastered (leaving headroom between -3dB and -9dB below 0 on the master fader). Mastering services will be provided.

4.) Please use .wav, .aif, or .flac file format. No mp3s! (NOTE: 96kHz sample rate will no longer be accepted. Please submit your file in 16 or 24 bit, 44.1kHz.)

5.) Please include your ARTIST NAME before the track title in the file name. (Artist_Track_Title.wav).

6.) Please do not submit already released and/or copyrighted material. This includes both samples and/or previously released tracks on other labels.

TO SUBMIT YOUR TRACK: Upload it somewhere (Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive) and send me (S1gnsOfL1fe) the link via private message.

SUBMISSIONS DUE: Sunday, December 12th 2021


Chris | S1gns Of L1fe

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Poetry / Spoken Words Events coming up this week


Yeah, busy week this week coming up if my voice holds up.  

First up, Tuesday 09 November 2021 - Black Cat Poets. A nice, relaxed local spoken word open mic night at Denton's Create Centre (08 Market Street ran by Scott Fellows).

7.30pm start. Free admission but donations accepted. Email Scott on for more details.  

Weds 10 November 2021. I'm on a Zoom meeting regarding the future of Chorlton Arts Festival. We did enjoy doing this year for Chorlton Arts Festival (as Speak Easy). Be interesting to see what they have in mind for next year.

Thurs 11 November 2021., lastly off to Stockport for Stockport Write Out Loud at Stockport Art Gallery, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK3 8AB. Amanda and myself have being going there for years, and this'll be our first one back in person. Looking forward to it as it's a excellent night in a art gallery which always adds something to the quality of the night.

7.00pm start £1.50 admission. Email John on for more details.