Sunday, 7 March 2021

New / Forthcoming Ocean in a Bottle releases

CURRENT / NEW RELEASES: (Updated 07 March  2021)

Ambient Online Compilation  Volume 10

Two new Ocean in a Bottle tracks have appeared on the latest album by the Ambient Online "Watching Jam float between the earth and the moon" and "Watching Jam float between venus and the earth"

At the Edge of the Milky Way

A new two track album exploring the darkness and light at the edge of the galaxy

Mars Perseverance

The track 'Final Approach before landing on Mars' has appeared on the Aural Films project "Mars Perseverance". 

Deep Electronic Mix (Ambient Sessions)

Nearly a hour mix covering tracks from releases from Ocean in a Bottle, old and new from his work on Slightly Off Kilter, AmbientOnline, Off Records and several new tracks recorded specially for this mix. 

Dreaming of life on Venus

A 4 track album, or 2 EPs if you wish released on Slightly Off Kilter Records exploring the mysteries of the Planet Venus during news about the possible discovery of life taking the listener on a sound arc of bewildering feelings that take on a journey throughout a world which is covered in mysteries and light.

Unusual Christmas Present 

Part of a various artists series on Camembert Electrique where artists were called upon to create or donate a piece of music or sound composition for the occasion of Christmas. Owning to demand, the label then decided to carry on into January, retitling January 1 December 32 etc.

The Ocean in a Bottle track featuring me Andy N on vocals is some nonsense I had great fun writing recently. 

Jingle Bells

A various artists Christmas album on Silber Media Records featuring various versions of Jingle Bells featuring a track by Ocean in a Bottle called "Stopping playing jingle bells abruptly when watching children playing outside in a snow storm". 

Ambient Online Themed Compilation 12: Earth

Two new tracks on the theme of Earth have appeared on the latest comp CD by the wonderful  Ambient Online Themed Compilation "Standing outside a canteen in the middle of a storm near the edge of a cliff" and "facing the desert at the end of the earth"

Sampler MMXX

An exclusive edit off  "Leaving Saturn" on from the album "On Saturn's Wings" has appeared on the end of 2020 sampler for the excellent label "Camembert Electrique". Hopefully we will have more to follow on this label shortly.

Floating in Space with Harold Budd

Wrote and composed over Christmas as a humble tribute to Harold Budd, a dear inspiration to Ocean in a Bottle, this track appeared as part of the Dronery series for Silber Media Records in January 2021.

Forbidden Love  (Demos, alternative takes and out-takes)

Volume 2

Volume 3 

Volume 4

Volumes 2, 3 and 4 of a ongoing series of Demos, alternative takes and out-takes from releases from the archives which after a archive in December 2020 I came across and thought deserved to be heard. Volume 5 and Volume 6 will follow in later Winter / Spring 2021.


March / April 2021 - (Volume 5 - demos, alternative takes and out-takes) 

April / May 2021 (Volume 6 - demos, alternative takes and out-takes)

May / June 2021 (Volume 7 - demos, alternative takes and out-takes)

Monday, 28 December 2020

Forbidden Love in Space (New Ocean in a Bottle releases)


2020 was a very busy year for Ocean in a Bottle it has to be said with quite a few releases it has be said, and took quite a bit of sorting out. 

To celebrate, a special mix is coming out in February 2021 with Deep Electronics Podcast (and releases in the can for Slightly Off Kilter and Camembertelectrique for January and February 2021) showing a few of the highlights.

Going through the master tapes looking for tracks, over the Christmas period, I came across a series of out-takes for releases which didn't happen for a whole host of reasons and other versions of tracks previously unreleased which I felt deserved a release.

Forbidden love in Space Volume 2, 3 and 4 as it stretched out across three short volumes is a love letter to times gone past told in ambient and drones to times gone past as well as offering hints to projects coming up allowing the listener to gain new meanings from favourites already released in different versions as well as tracks not heard before.

(Volume 2)

(Volume 3)

(Volume 4) 

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Review of 2020


To say it has being a funny old year has being a understatement considering at the start of the year Amanda (my good lady) and I had a lot of creative plans for this year only for everything to change at the end of March. Of course, I am talking about the out-break of Covid 19 and the way it has impacted on everybody in the creativity world.

In my case, it forced a change in direction on quite a few projects, put some others on hold but review probably has resulted in me having one of my busiest years:



My fourth full length poetry book ‘The Streets we all we could see’ came out in March ( after several months of delays. (I was planning to release it originally in August last year but couldn’t quite get it right). As soon as I got that done, I was sent home from work (thankfully on full pay) and spent the first two or three months I guess finishing off the poetry chapbook ‘Selected extracts from the end of the world’, (, a reissue of my first poetry book ‘Return to Kemptown’ which had reached its 10 year anniversary with lots of new and rare material (, and used the time to complete a few old projects, Games People Play and other nonsense poems (An collection of early poems offering a different side of my writing around the time of my debut collection ‘Return to Kemptown’) (, the second book in my poetic fantasy book ‘The Barbarians of the Wall’ entitled ‘Buried alive on the wall’ ) ( and the fourth in my ongoing anti war poetry series ‘Europa’ – Europa IV – the long night goodbye (

The magazine I help Amanda out with Printed Words closed its doors as a quarterly magazine with Issue 6 in June 2020, but Printed Words did a charity anthology for cancer charities called Words to Remember came out in September, both of which are still available on Amazon and all the usual places.

In April, I got offered the chance to write a few columns for the arts magazine The Sunday Assembly and what began as a one or two off turned into a weekly column currently as of typing containing 34 articles ( and around the same time agreed to become a regular contributor to Alta Mabin’s monthly Literature magazine ‘Poets Unlimited’ and over the year being published in more publications than I can mention (thanks to all and they can be seen on the publications page).



My gigs page pretty well shows what I have being up to reading wise, but I am always reading somewhere online quite frequently, and have being featured on a few radio programmes, more than a few Zoom readings (Way of life now sadly for the moment) and being featured on a few video poetry programmes. Being a challenge, but I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to more.

Throughout this, I have helped maintain Speak Easy, my monthly open mic Literature night with Steve and Amanda after we were forced to close it in person in March, initially owning to demand twice a month before scaling it back down in September to monthly as well as doing the I.T. for Write Out Loud Stockport and my own writing workshop with Amanda.


Ocean in a Bottle has had quite a interesting year all in all as well as doing a number of self releases on its journey throughout Space has also appeared on the following:

Silber Media

The following single on it's January Droneuary series with a exclusive track 'Holding hands while watching Saturn'

April Fields series with the following singles:

1. 25 June 2018 Heaton Park

2. Bus outside playground at the end of a rainstorm

September stories series with the following singles:

1. Facing the Music

2. Letters to the future Part 1 and 2

 Ambient Online Theme Compilations with tracks on Album 7,9,10,11, 12 and 13 of their online series.

Poiskah Do Do released one of my tracks on the album 'Shorty music V Poiskah DoDo & friends - May I be excused? (Part V)'

Two tracks on Slightly Off Kilters Records "Dulect Business News Two" (Space Dust and Asleep in Space being the tracks)

Cambert Electrique who released a two track album from Saturn to Venus

Xylem Records who released a two track album 'From Uranus to Neptune'

Off Records who have released two of my albums 'Re imaging the Solar System and 'Vocalising the Solar System'


Perhaps the biggest expansion of the year was my activity on my Author / Poetry / Artist Podcast Spoken Label. At the start of the year, the Podcast was a low key success for me doing okay on Mixcloud and Bandcamp, but Amanda worked out how to get the Podcast onto Anchor in February which then expanded onto Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Podbay, Podbean, Radio Public and thirteen other networks and has resulted in Spoken Label having a incredible year as of typing doing 96 sessions mostly because of lockdown where I just doing more and more sessions often 3 or 4 a week.

Reading in Bed, the book review Podcast series I do with Amanda kept going at its own steady pace and we have just celebrated our third anniversary with its 36th episode. I have also being helping Amanda out the digital editing with a weekly sub series under the Reading in Bed Umbrella called Reading in Bed Extracts where she read out extracts from other writers books.

Comics Unity, my comics news / tv / film related Podcast expanded officially at the start of the year into a three person Podcast when Amanda joined me and Michael for several episodes before lockdown struck. Over lockdown, me and Amanda carried on the Podcast as a two hander with tv reviews and I did a few comics reviews before Michael was able to join us again in July and August before we then went again into lockdown.

Koll, Andy, Amanda has carried on its steady pace of mostly recording bite sized mini episodes of 15 minutes each nearly every week, sometimes with a set thing we can discuss and other times maybe not. Lol

A New Podcast which started in the Spring on a roughly monthly basis (sometimes less, sometimes more) is Wrestle Up where I got approached by Dray Zera to do a wrestling Podcast on AEW and from the second episode, we were then joined by Dr Paul. This is contrast to all of the other Podcasts is recorded on live and uploaded just onto Youtube.  

All in all, a busy year, look forward to next year which I’ll talk about next.





Saturday, 21 November 2020

Ocean in a Bottle - vocalising the Solar System


As talked about yesterday, Off Records released two of my Ocean in a Bottle albums on the same day, the second vocalising the Solar System has being described as "Starting off as a one off companion to 'Reimaging the Solar System', 'Vocalising the Solar System' is not as much as a companion album but rather a completely different journey altogether.

Created over the first half of 2020, 'Vocalising the Solar System' is an album where Andy N (aka Ocean in a Bottle) with a number of guest fellow poets / writers all using spoken word over Ocean in a Bottle’s ambient / drone space like dreams to create something completely different.

'Vocalising the Solar System' is an album that reimaging space with words and sound to bring a different experience to the silence in space and everything in-between.

Created with a number of other writers, their details are below:

Andy N : (His Writing blog) (Ocean in a Bottle – bandcamp) (Ocean in a Bottle facebook)

Amanda Steel :

Chris Bainbridge :

Ian Whiteley :

Sue Proffitt :

Reggie Agulha :

Melissa Walters :

David Bond :

The album can be bought / streamed from: (Bandcamp) (KK Box) (Apple /Itunes) (Deezer) (Qobuz) (Spotify) (Juno) (Youtube) (Amazon)

Friday, 20 November 2020

Ocean in a Bottle - Reimaging the Solar System (New Release)

Double good news for you today as I have had two albums released as Ocean in a Bottle released on Off Records. I'll share details about the second later, but the first is called Reimaging the Solar System.

The album is described as "Hushing out across space to the worlds in our Solar System, Reimaging the Solar System is the latest album from Andy N’s ambient / drone project Ocean in a Bottle with each planet examined in waves of sound, drone and ambient into a glistening mass of synthetic chords and haunting atmosphere.

Reimaging the Solar System is a journey across 8 different planets from just outside the Sun to wild storms on Venus and into a frozen darkness on Neptune, each track mixing emotions with a dream like quality giving each planet it’s own individual life.

Reimaging the Solar System is filled with deep vibrations and restless shimmers in its eight tracks designed to take its listener on a epic journey whether backwards or forwards, inside or out  or into a deep spiritual exaltation.

Available from: 











Sunday, 18 October 2020

From Inner Room to Outer Space (New Ambient, Drone, Experimental Mix series)


From Inner Room to Outer Space is a regular new Mix / Podcast release from Andy N from Ocean in a Bottle.

Composing of all kinds of ambient, drone, experimental and field recordings, each mix will take the listener on a different journey from outer space in-between planets to forgotten oceans and forgotten corners of cities with layers of sounds and songs (some known and some forgotten) helping the listener build up a new channel of memories on each one.

Mix 1 contains tracks by Ocean in a Bottle, Jason Luxton (Overlook), Kevin Richard Martin (Kevin the Bug Martin, Techno Animal, God etc), the A.M Experiment with a re-imaginging of Talk Talk, Olga Wojciechowska, Jane Seasy, Kareen Lotfy, Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze, Dead Voices on Air (Zoviet France related), KĊhachiro Miyata and Foehn.  

Youtube -

Mixcloud -

Mix 2 contains tracks by Ocean in a Bottle , Simon Scott, Melissa Pons, Jana Winderen Claire M Singer , Chris Watson, Ipek Gorgun , Bethan Kellough, Nicola Di Croce, Alexandra Spence.

Youtube -

Mixcloud -

More mixes will follow over the next few weeks at:

Youtube -

Mixcloud -

Friday, 9 October 2020

Sonnets for Shakespeare reading

Not one for bigging myself up as I would much rather my words do that for themselves which I like to think they do, but the enclosed poem below has appeared as parts for the Sonnets for Shakespeare and I got invited to read it at the launch tonight.

I'll share the poem in a second but some of the comments I got were:

What really pleased me was the feedback I got afterwards which included the following praise:

There is such an anger in this work x

Sam Egelstaff


Rebecca Salomonsson 

Very well performed, Andy

John F Keane 

A beautiful Volta/change of tone in the end x

Sam Egelstaff 

Very strong stuff Andy -and yes - vivid

Jenny Robb 

Nice one Andy

Ian Henery 

Well done - it was great.  Loved the simmering emotion in it!

Charlotte Kearns

The poem can be read here