Current Projects:

Solo Poetry Page (viva bandcamp)

Ocean in a Bottle (Solo Piano / Ambient Soundscapes) (viva bandcamp) (Tracks have appeared on mixes here, here , here, here, here, here, here and here. A few kind words have been wrote here. Some Ocean in a Bottle releases can also be seen on discogs at here

Audio Poesis (Ambient / Experimental Soundscapes with spoken word from Unknown, a excellent American Writer who chooses to remain unknown for reasons I cannot share) (viva bandcamp)

A Means to an End (Spoken word / singing / music project) (Debut Album available here. Live albums also available here and here and demos from the album here. Band is currently on a break but may reform)

Spoken Label, a spoken word label which will release podcasts and slots of guest poets I encounter - here

Hicc, a experimental label carrying on the work from Hicc at below - here 

Herk Harvey, a new drone ambient project from Andy N with Carlos Parana can be downloaded from here

Previous Music / Experimental / Spoken Word Projects:

Words & Music (viva bandcamp here and here)

DIH (viva Digital Vomit)

DIH and friends (viva Digital Vomit)

Distance (viva Digital Vomit)

Grey Ear, White Noise (viva Digital Vomit)

Andy N (viva Digital Vomit)

M.A.N. (viva Digital Vomit)

Not Dark With Light (viva Digital Vomit)

W@ (viva Hicc)

Seven Ages (viva Hicc)

B.A.N. (viva Hicc)

Sleeplessness (viva Hicc)

Andy N and Poostosh (viva bandcamp)

Hicc.Org (Record Collective I co-ran) (viva Archive)

Setting Sun records (Spoken Word label I ran) (viva Archive)

Youtube Channel (until 2010) (viva youtube)

Youtube Channel (post 2010) (viva youtube)

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