Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Pusher (New Poem)

Crazed with worry

Clothed in a bloodless air

Not one body has been found
In the river
Or the lakes
Moving shadow like
On the land

Nor 2

But 85.

85 bodies pedal soft
Conscripted with cold drew
Over 6 years,

Cloaked in the ship canal
And all over
Manchester’s water works
In deafening silence

Kneeling in deep breath

Crossing canal gates
In the Undercroft

Or past the bars
Near Canal Street

And the Warehouse Project,

Salford Quays

28 cases remain an open verdict
Trembling with stillness

Lying in wait

Chiselled in tragedies

Whether drunk or drugged
Or something more sinister

Whispering shells
Across un-answered questions

85 people in 6 years
Over doubled the rate of deaths
In Birmingham



Wishboning towards
a possible truth
none of us want to
possibly face.

(NB. 85 bodies have been found dead
in rivers and canals in Manchester, UK
over the years double the number of
deaths found in Birmingham, UK.

The Police have denied there is a serial
Killer at large. However, the rumour
Persists that a serial killer nicknamed

‘The Pusher’ is responsible) 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Write Out Loud Stockport report, January 2016

For some years now, a few of you I have been going to Write Out Loud, Stockport based at Stockport Art Gallery which meets on the second Monday of each month and where a lovely report is crafted by John who runs in.

For the January report, John alas was running late so I took over…

Hi Guys and girls. John was running a bit late for Write Out Loud Stockport January 2016, so out of the kindness off my heart (don’t say anything – lol) I, Andy N said I would start off the write up for it, only for John to arrive halfway through the first piece, and instead of passing the pad over to him, I started off.

Considering how rubbish the weather was outside that night, the theme on the end of the world kinda made sense and was dealt with brilliantly by our dear Nigel who started with a Science Fiction which amazingly carried no naughtiness whateversoever called Countdown begins which covered all kinds of topics from Bunkers underground, space rockets and the rebirth of mankind hopefully itself under crippling pressure. Excellent stuff.

Maggie’s first poem kinda followed on beautifully with the floaty, almost fluffy in places ‘I wish I believed in the Pearly Gates’ which is what could have gone happened if things had gone wrong in Nigel’s narrative. In her poem, I myself particularly liked the reflective mood throughout the piece which had a great use of reputation in the piece with ‘I wish….’

Dorinda followed after with a very short poem ‘I predict’ which caught me out a little because of it’s shortness and resulted in me asking Dorinda to repeat it afterwards as my notes had only just started to get going on the piece (teach me to be more quicker in future – lol) in which among other predictitives she hoped she hope she would be the next poet laureate ( a great choice in my mind) carried in a lovely dream. Great stuff, Dorinda carried in her usual charm.

Our own, legend that is Dave C sadly had nothing to share next time so it was over to John himself to read out a poem called ‘End of the World’ which confused me a little on first readings but like any good poem, it’s second reading showed a detailed mystery of eying up girls at checkout, memories of Isle of Wight with chocolate and lots of other little details which told a multi layered story that only John could balance out.

Dave K carried on which was untitled at that point but may well end up been called either Lost or Lost / found but was a deeply thought piece as only Dave could do (thinking back to the days years ago at Poetica when I first met Dave) which appeared to be about Refugees at a train station afraid to move forward or indeed backwards with their lives.

I offered myself ‘Heaton Park Tunnel Mystery’ doing the usual shameless self plugging (lol) can be read on the blogs at which without giving too away has come from a true story from a book my brother got me for Christmas which will be used in research for another project that I will reveal more off in due course.

Martin followed that up with a wonderful poem, possibly my favourite of the night (apart from my own of course – lol) called Smoke Room which can be read on WOL itself at which deserves brownie points at least for the detail in this piece which must have took ages to write about how pubs used to be pre smoking ban. Wonderful stuff.

After the break, Nigel started off with a gallop on another Science Fiction piece ‘This is the end of the world we all know’ which despite being a wonderful piece of poetry about the American president facing a terrible choice at the eve of war (I won’t reveal the twist at the end) had several of us saying it felt like it was the beginning of a really special much longer piece. Get writing, Mr Nigel (:

Maggie read two short really interesting piece next ‘nature of the place’ and ‘nature of the walk’ in a total change of gears from the Unpicked, unstitched project where she had to write about a place we all knew off really well – in her case Abney Hall, which I won’t go in great detail as it’s best coming from herself really, where apart from where Agatha Christie stopped at was also the Social Services building for Stockport in the 1970s.

Dorinda’s second piece was another change of gears, something that is always good about Stockport about a schoolboys silent protest of not wanting to go to School which I think she said was something to do with one of her grandchildren (correct me if I am wrong Dorinda please) but made me think of my own little nephew Jack who I do remember playing doing more than a little silent protest on his first day at School. Excellent.

Dave C read out next from memory as he usually does, a amazing piece which talked about the anniversary of the 63rd year since the Great Storms of our fair country (before my time of course) which was a mixture of a poem called ‘White Princess’ which he learnt from memory at school (amazing as it must have over 50 years ago) and one of his own poems which flowed together so well, at least two of us (maybe more in reflection) were not sure where the original poem finished and he carried on. Skillful writing indeed, Mr C.

John read out carrying on a poem about a very different storm next ‘World’s End’ which had a very subtle rhythm to it indeed (AB CB etc) in a almost a ballad feel that covered simply about wiping away the rubbish in a very different kind of End and had a real anger to it I personally felt which really surprised me and impressed me.

Dave K’s second poem I think had a title of ‘Afterlife at Travel Lodge’ which was a interesting metaphor for a state of mind of what the afterlife could really be like if at a Travel lodge kind of place. Interesting indeed..

Spinning towards the end, but not before John read out the annual collage poem, my second poem, a much older piece indeed which was originally wrote in 2009 which wrote about what would happen to Superheroes after they grew old (thought about in a different way to the Dark Knight returns by Frank Miller) and looked at the end of the world in a very different way I hope. The piece actually is still on Write Out Loud, and be seen (another shameless plug I know lol)

Martin brought the night to a moving conclusion with another beautiful poem called ‘Us’ which discussed the mistakes that must fall building trust in a relationship.

The theme for next month is something to do with David Bowie who sadly passed away on that day.
See you all in February.