Thursday, 30 April 2020

Fragments of David XXX


David was stood there waiting for Grant
When he finally arrived
‘You didn’t have to do that’ He proclaimed
‘You don’t know what you’re done
I should know you don’t make deals with them’

Grant didn’t answer for a few seconds
‘Come on Dad, we’ve got a long way to go
And who said I made a deal’
His horns growing larger by the second
Almost like another life was breathing on his cheeks.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Fragments of David IXXX


They found him there like that
Laid on the ground the papers said
With another crucifix (not his) laid nearby
And his arms spread in the air like wings
Almost like they had beat the warm night air

Nobody can understand why father like son
Were found in such a similar pattern upon death
And why a distant tone of laughter
Could be found lingering in the distance

Before suddenly cutting out.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Fragments of David XVIII


Leaping forward
He slumped onto the ground
Like a sculpted rock
And he saw disappear
Only to re-appear five yards away

‘He thought he could make a deal
And then break it’ She laughed
‘Guess what? He couldn’t’
She clapped her hands
And darkness flooded his eyes.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXVI)


Nobody noticed Grant had gone
Until the doors had shut
on the directors car door
and  most people
were about to go home

and his crucifix
was found on the front door
almost like it was a midway point
rather than a ending point
until they all hear the scream.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXV)


‘Yes’ She scrawled with disinterest
Before looking through him
‘Cat got your tongue,
I have other places to go to, you know?’
Almost like she really couldn’t be bothered.

‘I, I’ Grant began but his words disappeared
And she carried on eventually
Looking at him again
‘Your David’s son?’ before concluding
‘I didn’t know he had a son’

Friday, 24 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXIV)


Whether it was her eyes
Grant wasn’t sure or the fact
She was simply just that little bit too pale
That little bit too perfect
Stepping out of a dream,

 Illegible in the scrawl of
A strange sense of something
Not quite right in the light
Grant couldn’t move in terror
When she said again ‘Yes’

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXIII)


Exploding upwards
Grant thought for a few seconds
She wasn’t going to answer
And just carry on back to her car
And dropping completely from sight

Echoing the tension
Like she was rigged for a long journey
And she said coldly ‘Yes’
Leaving Grant realising for the first time
She wasn’t human.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXII)


Looking backwards
there wasn’t something right about her
Grant could see
With the eyes which flickered from white
To hazel in seconds

‘Yes’ She called out
cutting the breeze short

‘I think you knew my Dad’
Grant paused before looking in horror
At what her reaction was.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Fragments of David (XXI)

Fragments of David


Following the graveyard
She was under the tunnel within seconds
Almost like she was glad to have left
And by the time Grant got there
She was just about to enter the carpark

Stop, he called out
His words carrying a lead weight
Across the breeze
Before she turned round
And looked at him wordlessly in shock.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Fragments of David (XX)

Fragments of David


Moving the goalposts around
Grant was the first to see her arriving
And the first to see sit there at the back
Her face in her arms
And the first to see her leave,

Her hair pushed down in the wind
Walking through the graveyard
Then the tunnel next to the canal
That led to the carpark
Before Grant finally caught up with her.

(A few of my poems 'Bad Neil Young cover versions in Nana's attic and The Swan have appeared on Poets Unplugged Podcast.

Both poems are linked onto all kinds of other Podcast servers such as Itunes, Spotify, Streaker etc and can be accessed as above)

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Fragments of David (XIX)

Fragments of David 


she was married
everybody found out afterwards
even though they had separated for months
not that it mattered in the first place
or was as the case proved to be

and although it was suggested
they met through his work
losing themselves in lust
holding onto the scraps of their lives
it was amazing neither of them said anything.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Fragments of David (XVIII)

Fragments of David


His funeral was vast
With his family thinking
It would bring just a few people along
Maybe some old work colleagues
Perhaps a old school friend

People who they hadn’t seen for years
Or people they didn’t really know
Who David had helped out
Once upon a time
And then there was her.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Fragments of David (XVII)

Fragments of David


His diary was the most telling
with various intials
Laced across days
Leading up to his death
Which the Police thought
Were just his way of appointments.

To them, he was just a normal
Family man
Who worked himself to the ground
And had a heart attack
They didn’t understand. They were wrong.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Fragments of David (XVI) / New Spoken Word of Countryside Poems

Fragments of David


Neither of his sisters knew
About the affair
Let alone had any inkling
He had been that unhappy
With the way his life was.

To them, he was the golden child
The one their mother loved
Above all any of the rest of them
And the one afterwards
They never really knew atall.

(As I am not really allowed to go for walks in the country like I like to, I have gone and recorded for fun some of my favourite country based parks which you can hear here)

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Fragments of David (XV) / Speak Easy News

Fragments of David


Who was the woman
He had been having a affair with
Grant was the first to ask
Exhausted in pain
When they found out he hadn’t been working

Who was this woman
He had been seeing for five years
And was halfway back almost to
Before being tethered to his wheel
Shoulder free in his guilt.

(** SpeakEasy News also from the spoken word open mic night I co-run **

Thanks to everybody who attended and read at Speak Easy - our Spoken Word Open Mic night last night. We had 16 readers I seem to recall (Andy Npoet, Belle Kenyon, Mike Booth, Dray Zera, Amanda Steel, Michael Wilson, Reggie Agulha, Tracy Walker, Stefan Stefan C Gambrell, David Dalgleish, Steve Smythe, Pete Slater, Yvonne Ugarte, Jef Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!), Jacqeline Jacqueline Pemberton and Gordon Zola) and a good 6 people who just turned up to watch.

As advertised last night, we are not expecting the Sip to be open in May, although we will be back there hopefully soon and we have agreed on two dates for May both on Zoom 06 May and 20 May 2020.
Both nights are already full after a very busy day on email and facebook etc and we are operating on a reverse list for both (Places for the reverse list can be booked through me or Steve or on our Speak Easy page on facebook etc).

Confirmed readers are:

06 May 2020 – Steve Smythe, Andy Npoet, Amanda Steel, Anthony Briscoe , Antonia Fusaro, Lisa O'Hare, Katie Haigh, Melanie Lisa, Dave Hartley, Mike Booth, Penny Sharman, Reggie Agulha, Anthony Smith Ben Willkommens, Elenia Gr, Amy King , Christine Fowlerr , Fokkina McDonnell.

20 May 2020 – Steve Smythe, Andy Andy Npoet, Maria Byrne, Natasha Tingle, Lady Ilaria Passeri, Gemma Whiteley, Lindy Newns, David Bond , Alicia Fitton, Dray Zera, Michael Wilson, Kev Kay Write, Caroline Burrows, Emily Oldfieldd, Gordon Zola, Tracy Walker, Jeff Dawson, Yvonne Ugarte.
If I have missed somebody off here, please let me know (and if I have I am sorry), as soon as possible. 
(Andy N). Otherwise, thanks to everybody for who has attended the last two nights. We’ve loved doing two events in April 2020.

Andy Npoet, Steve Smythe and Amanda Steel.)

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Fragments of David (XIV)

Fragments of David


Nobody knew what to tell Andy
Their youngest
When they came to get him
From David’s mum
Right after they found out

Wiping out an argument between them
Which had been bubbling for years
In his absence
As soon as Maggie
In a flood of unspoken sadness.

Monday, 13 April 2020

Fragments of David (XIII) and new Spoken Label session

Fragments of David


The second security guard
Who arrived just after the police
Saw nothing but the carnage
When the Ambulance arrived
Then the family

Cursing himself silently
He was running late
And had he got the earlier bus
Perhaps he could have saved him
Until he saw the body and realised he couldn’t.

(Forgot to mention yesterday, I released another new session on Spoken Label - a brand new exclusive session with dear friend Sarra Culleno. It can be found on bandcamp at here and all pf the usual networks  Itunes/Apple, Anchor, Spotify, GooglePodcasts, Pocketcasts, Youtube, RadioPublic, Castbox, Overcast, Castro, Breaker)

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Fragments of David (XII)

Fragments of David


Jon, their second son
Was excused detention
When the news broke the morning after
He had been caught bullying
Some of the 1st formers for money

Excusing his threats and violence
When Grant had to come and get him
With almost a short lived satisfaction
They would be rid of him briefly
Right up to when Grant drove them both away.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Fragments of David (XI) / More Spoken Label News / First Film Review

Fragments of David


Trapped inside the van
It took the Police thirty seconds
To get the door open
And then five minutes
To get inside it.

The running engine
Splashing in the darkness
In a broken green light
Striking any hope he was alive
The longer it took into dust.

(While in lock down I have also started watching loads of old films while in lockdown from a massive box under my bed - people have got me or I have picked up over the years and will be mentioning this some of the footnotes over some days - first up is Douglas Sirk's classic 1956 film - There's always Tomorrow. The trailer can be found here.

The film is described as "Between his twin masterpieces All That Heaven Allows and Written on the Wind, Douglas Sirk created this razor-sharp study of male crisis, both a glittering testament to love's labours lost and his most unforgiving vision of suburban conformity. Disregarded and neglected by his family, executive toy manufacturer Clifford Groves (Fred MacMurray) is unexpectedly reunited with his former co-worker Norma Miller (Barbara Stanwyck). As the old friends catch up on lost time, his children's suspicions and hostility to the new relationship threaten to push their father away permanently and throw into disarray the lives of all concerned. With crystalline, noir-tinged cinematography from Russell Metty (Touch of Evil) and heartbreaking performances by Stanwyck and MacMurray, reunited 12 years after Double Indemnity in their final on-screen pairing, There's Always Tomorrow finds one of Hollywood's greatest dramatists at his finest.

I saw this film originally in university I guess after getting told by one of my Film Tutors to watch this film after watching Double Indemnity. Double Indemnity is much of a film noir I guess, There's always tomorrow is much of a Love Noir almost,  a search for youth again twenty years afterwards as a middle aged man meets up with a old flame by chance after years of neglect (not on purpose) by his wife and his family. I won't give loads away here but Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck are both terrific and I love the subtle nature of how this relationship develops and doesn't fall into the bedroom which would have happened twenty or thirty years later. 

The film is dated somewhat I think but the quality of the film making shines throughout and with it only been a little over 80 minutes, the film does really out-stay and leaves a major impact instead of been two hours plus. 

8/10. Well worth tracking down) 

(There is a new Spoken Label Podcast - a audio version of the live feed Amanda did on twitter the other day where she read out a extract of her book and I asked her a few questions in relation to it. This can be heard here and all the usual networks, Itunes, Spotify, Anchor, Streaker, Radio public etc, etc)

Friday, 10 April 2020

Fragments of David (X)

Fragments of David


His oldest son, Grant
Said afterwards
He knew as soon as he left
For work that morning
That would be the last he saw of him.

He didn’t know why
But the thoughts
Accompanied him throughout that day
Until they rang him
And his tears were shipwrecked in emotion.

(A New single by Ocean in a Bottle has appeared on Silber Media called 25 June 2018. It's part of their April fields project of field recordings. I remixed it after doing the original field recordings live and during the process added a ton of ambient and drone from the original samples into it before merging it again. The end result can be found here

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Fragments of David (IX)

Fragments of David


Splashed out across the newspaper
For days afterwards
The scandal faded down
After a few days
Like a faded martyrdom

Thrust deep into everybody
Who knew him with a slow thud
Leaving them
Pouring in their regrets
The more they all found out.

(Little reminder that my and Amanda's set for Eva Elizabeth's
'A Night for the NHS's sets can be seen here:

Andy N's set

Amanda Steel's set

We've had nearly two hundred views between the pair of us.
Please donate generally here)

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Fragments of David (VIII)

Fragments of David


How long he had
been cheating on her
only came out afterwards
and the simple fact
they had married too young

and the real reason
laid out in plain letters
why he had been working
late night after late night
unable to tell anybody else.

(My single for Ocean in a Bottle for Silber Records back in January has appeared on the Gribcast Podcast - made up over this

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Fragments of David (VII)

Fragments of David 


Clicking inside the tension
the security guard had
been more interested in the United match
hoping they would pick up the pace
and couldn’t be bothered checking outside.

Abandoned he told himself
probably kids who had stolen it
or somebody who had left it to the pub
and would come back tomorrow for it
without failing to realise he was wrong.

(In addition today, a new session has appeared on Spoken Label featuring Pete K Mally. This can be heard / downloaded from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here)

(Me and Amanda have also been featured on the Poets Unlimited Podcast which can be heard here and here today) 

Monday, 6 April 2020

Fragments of David (VI) and new publication / new music release on Slightly Off Kilter Records)

Fragments of David 


Knocking at the edge of his dreams
he was married at 18
after meeting his wife when they were 14
only having eyes for each other
it was said straight from the beginning

carried in a sad love
when they nearly lost their first son
after his mother still birthed twins
leaving him terrified for weeks afters
to return to his job.

(Another Podcast has featured one of my poems Bad Neil Young covers in Nana's attic here, here, here, here and here

Slightly off Kilter Records has new released a new album called Dulcet Business 2 which features two brand new Ocean in a Bottle tracks 'Asleep in Space' and 'Space Dust' which can be downloaded above. I am really proud to be among this album as Paul who runs this label is a amazing guy and I am honoured to be on his label here)

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Fragments of David (V) / New Full length Poetry Set / New Ocean in a Bottle single

Fragments of David 


When the ambulance
the Police told them
his van had been flashing in and out
for half a hour
with the floodlights

building a near noir mystery
glimpsed in the mist
under the bridge near Barton Dock Road
passed out in guilt
touching too close to the truth.

(Yesterday myself and Amanda did charity poetry sets for a special charity event set up by Eva 'A Night for the NHS. Me and Amanda had a great time doing our sets. My set can be seen here and Amandas set can seen here. Eva's page for donating directly is here)

 (I've also just released a new Ocean in a Bottle single 'Building the Bridges from Mars to the Asteroid Belt'. My new single is a side step at least temporary from its ambience rays into a tapestry of loops / delays with vocals and sounds to create a bridge like effect with layers and layers climbing over the top of each other until it feels like an orchestra of effects leaving you feeling like you are travelling over a bridge.

Building Bridges from Mars to the Asteroid Belt takes it’s listener on a journey uses the loops and effects to create a different kind of ambience than perhaps its fan would usually expect but would still gain as much pleasure in a somewhat different way. The single can be downloaded / streamed
from here

Saturday, 4 April 2020

Fragments of David (IV) (and other news and guest post)

Fragments of David (IV)

Blowing bubbles under water
it was said he fixed his mum’s pipes
that was leeking all over the street
in about ten minutes
when he was only twelve.

Digging clues to his future
as he causally sorted out the problem
with the minimum of fuss
leaving both of his parents
spellbound for hours afterwards.

(There is now also a new Podcast on Spoken Label featuring a chat with Indie Publisher 'Fly on the Wall' (ran by Belle Kenyon - more below with the guest post. This session can be found here (Bandcamp) here (Youtube), here (Anchor), here (Itunes), here (Streaker), here (Castbox), here (GooglePodcasts), here (Overcast), here (Castro), here (Radiopublic) and here (Spotify)

We are on this festival today also (I'm on at 7pm and Amanda 7.10pm (Video Footage to follow)


(Also included below - a guest post from good friend to Spoken Label Belle Kenyon (from Fly on the Wall Press) regarding a really interesting sounding book) 

Michael Maul’s second collection is packed with humour and charismatic reflections on the puzzling nature of human existence, juxtaposed with the ingenuity of the animal kingdom!  Unafraid to tackle large topics such as hate speech and abusive relationships, Maul takes the reader on a journey which has all the complexities and wonders of modern life.

About the author
Michael Maul resides in Bradenton, Florida, living near Sarasota Bay. His poems have previously appeared in numerous literary publications and anthologies in the U.S. as well as in Ireland, Scotland, and Australia.
He is also a past winner of the Mercantile Library Prize for Fiction, for a short story set in Siesta Key, and his work was selected for inclusion in Intro 4, an anthology of new voices published by The University of Virginia Press.
Maul is a graduate of the Ohio University creative writing program, where he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He later held faculty and administrative positions at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio,) The Columbus College of Art and Design (Columbus, Ohio,) and Saint Louis University (St. Louis, Missouri.


“I received and am enjoying Birds Who Eat French Fries. Impressive!”

-          Ed Lathy, PhD. Former Dean, Liberal Arts, Columbus College of Art and Design

“I was blown away! I love almost every poem in this book. There are highs and lows, humor and pathos and poems that left me thinking for days. Honestly, this may be my favorite book of poetry ever. I hope to see more from this poet. A lot more. I know that taste in poetry is an individual thing, but I don’t think you will be disappointed if you give this a read.”
    Tim Gibson on 'Dancing Naked In Front of Dogs' 



They just don’t care anymore,
bellies distended,
living like bums performing for tossed scraps
and Tater Tots
in fast food parking lots.

They were made for better things:
to float on waves,
to search for schools offshore,
or perch above the Earth,
to scan for signs of prey they enjoyed in former days.

But junk food birds have since learned
to open crumpled bags
and, with beak and claw,
to dine on human throwaways.

Pizza crusts or Taco Bell,
Mickey D’s, or KFC skin and bones
locked inside Styrofoam,
these are the tastes of sophisticated birds who,
after evolving from dinosaurs,
just took another leap ahead
by becoming us instead.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Fragments of David (III) and other news

Fragments of David


Sprayed out across the wheel
the Police thought it was a false alarm
when they arrived
all the way to when
they tapped on his window

and they thought
he had simply drunk too much
and he was too afraid to go home
to face his wife
deciding the van was a better option.

(I've also had two new poems 'Breathless Postcard' and 'Pluto' also appear in this publication which is going to coming out monthly
also today's Living Room Sessions include a old favourite from my days in Words and Music 'Edge of the World with Billy McKenzie