Monday, 20 February 2012

Latest news and views - 20th February 2012

Here is my latest news in bite sized chunks:

A Means to an End:

Little quiet for a few weeks owning to work and bugs but will be meeting
later up on today for rehearsals etc in prep for next gig. (See gigs
News later).

Project with Amanda Silbernagel:

New track is uploaded on Amanda's website -

This new track which I will admit is my favourite so far is called
'Unstatistically speaking'.

Creative Writing:

·         Second draft now underway of play with Rob Goodier.

·         Next batch of joint wrote poetry is underway with Kelan.

·         I have wrote a few more poetry by myself and have one or two
Possibly pending for publication.

·         Three love poems from the upcoming ‘Love Songs for Cathy III’
Are now uploaded on

Something (

     ·     A poem called 'Pinned back against the wall' has been published
           on Poetry 24 and can be read here - 

·         Details to follow for Love Songs for Cathy III, my forthcoming e
Book (I have the hard copy proof and I am really pleased with it).



·         Light in the Dark – 22/02/2012 (A Means to an End gig for this night. We are down for doing a 20 minute set here and if all goes to plan – this should be around a 20 minute set)

·         Write Out Loud, Stockport – 12/03/2012

·         Beatifixation – 16/04/2012 (A Means to an End gig here. Plan is to do a half hour set with visuals and music)

·         Open Mind – 15/05/2012 (A Means to an End gig here – plan is to do 20 minutes).

·         Write Out Loud, 15/07/2012 (I will be doing a solo poetry slot with a little bit of backing froA Means to an End)

Recent Gigs:

·         22nd January 2012 – Write Out Loud, Middleton. (I supported Jeffarama on his set with a short cameo on ‘Ever Wondered’ and performed two new poems ‘The weather ruined the rest’ and ‘Yesterday’. Quite a quiet night, not helped by the weather as it was frozen but enjoyed it)

·         25th January 2012 – Pass on a Poem. Very quiet turn out but  read three poems, one by a kids poem by a writer I’ve forgotten called embrassing parents, Gary Morris’s ‘Winters Night’ and one by my friend Amanda Silbernagel called Battery Cage. Although the night was okay, without been horrible – it was a far from essential night.

·         10th February 2012 – Best of Bolton. Back end of last year – I was informed about a night at the octagon called Best of Bolton which wanted submissions from writers in the Bolton area. I mistakingly read it as pieces about Bolton so wrote a piece called ‘From a midnight train’ (Bolton) which was a bit of a homage to From a late night train by the Blue Nile about the coldness of a Bolton night which got accepted and was performed by a actor. The place was packed out and it was a great experience. Defo recommended.

·         11th February 2012 – Stockport writers @ Stockport Library. I wasn’t there here but one of my poem a arostic poem about Libraries was read and I believe they got about 30 people in which is a great attendance.

·    13th February 2012 - Stockport Write Out Loud. Only a small attendance but was good fun and it gave me chance to read out both 'Prologue to a final solution' and 'Pinned back against the wall' - both of which went down very very well. 

More to come as normal. (Lots more).