Sunday, 13 May 2012

latest news and views 13 May 2012

Dear all;

Hey - how are you doing? Not really been blogging much over April
in general as I have been busy on my alternative blog site - where I have been attempting
NaPowriMo for the month where you have to write 30 poems in 30 days.

As can be seen from the blog, I managed it although if I am honest -
I haven't picked up a pen in anger since but I am thinking over something
new as we speak writing wise which I may reveal more about in due course.

Gigs wise, with A Means to an End we recently did a very enjoyable
set at Beatification on Oxford Road in Manchester where we did a 9
track 25 minute set mixing music and poetry nicely which was probably
one of my favourite gigs with the guys so far. We are next down for
doing a gig at Open Mind on Monday 21st May 2012 at Fuel Bar
in Withington where we should be doing a full set of at least 30 minutes
to a hour.

Solo wise, I did a two hour set in Bangor recently at a place called
Yo Mammas which was a little nerve wrecking with a lengthy question and answers
set about writing in general which was very enjoyable but somewhat tiring
going back the following day which I then followed up the following night
with a set for Poetica Oxfam at Manchester Musceum which was a lot more
low key but allowed me to road test some pieces from my 30poemsin30days

Lots listed on my website of forthcoming gigs, but next two gigs for me are on
14th May 2012 at Write Out Loud, Stockport and 20th May 2012 at
Write Out Loud, Bolton.

More soon folks.