Saturday, 31 May 2014

New Video footage from A Means to an End / Others

After a long break, over the past week I finally returned with our band ‘A Means to an End’ doing two gigs in the space of a week. Tiring but great fun.

Enclosed below is video footage from both shows (the Darwen live one featuring the amazing talents of Mr Ian Livesey on additional guitar) and in the case of Another Spoken Word Showcase footage from all of the other acts on the night.

 Another Spoken Word Showcase, Salford Crescent, 29 May 2014

Christopher Moriarty

A Means to an End

Close the Door (Incomplete)

Stephen James

Rosa Wright

Barnsley Wedding Dance / Don’t blame us

Chris Jam

Laura Parrott


Darwen Live 26, May 2014

 A Means to an End

Tandle Hill

Hold Me
Hard Rock Village
Ever Wondered

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New Poem published on Perfectly Write Poetry

A brand new poem of mine Nahariya, 2001 which didn't even have a title until a few days has appeared on a brand new blog 'Perfectly Write Poetry' here

This is in the style of my recent book with Nick Armbrister 'Europa' News to come on that soon.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

IRA Bombing Drama about to show on the BBC on Manchester, 1996

As reported in the Manchester Evening News, a new drama will shortly be broadcast by the BBC regarding the bombing by the IRA in 1996 which I think will be quite interesting.

Despite the fact for those who know me, at that point I was usually in Manchester Centre almost every Saturday at that point buying rare vinyl from a few record shops which have long since bitten the dust (a massive shame) but at that point I was in hospital still when it all kicked off after getting mugged a day or two before and left on a walking stick for months afterwards and recurring pain for years afterwards so I missed it almost totally only getting into Manchester itself about a week later and missed most of the fun and games (be it for a better word).

While Manchester Centre and Manchester itself is a better place to live in than it was (Manchester Arndale by the time of the bomb was certainly to start to fall into disrepair) the days in the shops there before Brandchester hit Manchester was very special and carried more interest than Manchester Market Street and co have nowadays with Tescos appearing every five minutes almost.

It will be very interesting to see how much detail they get into this drama correctly.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The End of Summer III published in Fractal Magazine

I may well have blogged this before but recently one of my older poems 'The End of Summer III' recently appeared in the second issue of Fractal Magazine and can be read here or as a http direct link here

More poetry publications to follow (At least four on the go) and gig news etc (Did my first this year the other week which was great fun considering I have been out of the loop for a bit).

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hugo Williams - From-the-Dialysis Ward Poems

A few of you know I got registered with diabetes several years ago which has had some impact on my performing poetry nowadays (although not writing), but until recently despite the fact I have read / heard some stirring poetry by Rosie Garland and Jackie Hagan for example about health problems / major changes in their lives, I have never felt the need to write anything about diabetes.

Whether this was down to the fact, I just didn't fancy doing it preferring to battle on with this in my own way or always had other things I wanted to write about, I'll leave that for you to conclude for yourself.

However, either way my sister for my birthday a few days got for me a copy of the new Hugo Williams poetry book 'I knew the bride' full well knowing I had a fan of his for years since university with his book 'Billy's Rain'. Although that book and his two books that have followed since 'Dear Room' and 'West End Final' have been among some of my favourite poetry books, there is a sequence in his new book which goes for 16 poems I seem to recall called ‘from-the-dialysis ward’which has really shook me up. Now although of course these are completely different illnesses, there is something about this length sequence which really hit me hard and has over last night and today seriously started writing poetry made me start writing about my battles with diabetes for the first time.

Not going to calm these will be masterpieces or indeed even pieces I may choose to share, perform or submit for publications, but the impact of these poems has for the first time made me realise I can write about this and not just put them in a box afterwards in shame almost. 

Some of the pieces from this sequence can be read here (

And the facebook that talks about Hugo Williams struggles in more depth can be read here

(Picture of Mr Williams borrowed from the Guardian -

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ghost Story (Napwrimo Story) Complete Chapters

As soon of you know I have recently completed Napwrimo (National Poetry Writing Month) for 2014 doing it on a different theme - i.e. still writing at least a poem a day but this year trying to tell it as a full story.

This link lets you see all of the links for all of the poems with a list of the guest list all tagged amongside the poems.

I have had a few submissions in afterwards which may well be appearing as additional pieces, but will keep you informed.