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Disorder IV (2018)
Before Sickness

Publications: (In print /online):

Printed Words Issue 1 (March 2019)
Horses minus their riders 

Write Out Loud Stockport Exhibition
Stockport Art Gallery (March 2019)
The Great Escape of the Irish Fairy Sisters
Horses minus their riders 

The Sand Canyon Review 2018 (January 2019)
Threads of a Jumper
Brighton  in September

Various Tameside Surgeries (December 2018)
Brighton in September 

Arts Swarm (October 2018)
Spears in your dreams 

New Mills Art Trail (September 2018)
New Mills
Boarding a rail carriage from New Mills
Recreating the Railway Children

Surrealist Art Exhibition (September 2018)
Stockport Art Gallery
Wood on water

Arts Swarm (September 2018)
A Burial of magic 

Dyslexia Exhibition (August 2018)
Manchester Central Library
Twice as hard
Missing the Point
Held Back 

Arts Swarm (July 2018)
Twice as hard

Dysexia Exhibition (July 2018)
Chester Library
Twice as hard
Missing the Point
Held back 

And so Yeah (June 2018)
Breathing Blossom
The 7.39
Final Notice
The Death of Summer
Autumn Scene

Sand Canyon Review (Spring 2018)
1. Brighton in September
2. Remains of a Christmas Day Party
3. Threads of a Jumper
4. Early Morning Walk
5. Early Autumn Affairs (An homage to Hugo Williams)

Icono Clast (Spring 2018)
Standing in your shadow

A Poem for Manchester (May 2018)
Two untitled thoughts

Ghost City Review (April 2018)
Hard Rock Village

Bonnies Crew (April 2018)
Premature Birth

I am not a silent Poet (March 2018)
Let him have it (For Derek Bentley) (March 2018)
1. Early Morning 
2. Brighton in September
2. The Swan (after Mary Oliver)

A New Ulster Issue 65 (February 2018)
1. Brighton in September
2. Remains of a Christmas Day Party
3. Absence of Words
4. Underscoring Immortality
5. Swallows and Amazons
6. Threads of a Jumper
7. The Highwayman's Daughter

Please hear what I'm not saying
(Charity book for Mind) (January 2018)
For Stefan Kiszko (Book Version)

Ann Arbor Review (Issue 20) (January 2018)
Threads of a Jumper
Early Morning Walk
Early Autumn Affair

The Writers Cafe Magazine (Issue 3) (December 2017)
Skating in other expectations

Ann Arbor Review (Issue 18) (November 2017)
Behind Closed Doors
String Bleeding Answers
The Highwayman's Daughter

The Basil O' Flaherty (November 2017)
Europa II (VIII)
Collaborating in Memory 

Sentinel Quarterly (October 2017)
Europa II (VII

Riverbabble  (October 2017)
Europa II (VI)

Creative talents unleashed (November 2016)

Collaborating in Memory

Writers Against Prejudice (August 2016)
Stabbing in Frustration

Speakeasy (August 2016)
Past Lives

I am not a Silent Poet
Unnobtainable (July 2015) 
For Amber Leigh (June 2015) 
Soul Building   (June 2015) 
Prisoners of War II (December 2014) 
For-stefan-kiszko (December 2014) 
Unsaid (December 2014) 

Kissing my every Scent and Disappear (October 2014)

Ink Sweat and Tears
From a midnight train (March 2012)

Collaboration with Stalybridge Train Station
Dreaming of somewhere else, all stations to Manchester (November 2015)

Collaboration-with Northern Scapes
Breaking Light I and II (October 2015)

Misaligned in the Night (October 2015) 

Smithsurf (October 2015)
Misaligned in the Night (Reprint)

Over Land, Over Sea (poems for those seeking refuge)
(Viva Five Leaves)
Breathing from a Permanent Home

Best of Bolton 2012
From a Midnight Train

Best of Bolton 2013
Open Door Closed

Best of Bolton 2015
Late last bus from Bolton

Healthy waterways trust
Boat Story I and II, River Story

Enchantment Exhibition, Stockport Art Gallery
Lighthouses in the Mist

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival
The Red Bicycles

Jaime McIntrye Exhibition

Rochdale Towpath Trail
Stealing Inspiration and the Other Side

Red Cross Exhibition, Ardwick, Manchester
The Missing Boy

3hundredand65 (Graphic Novel viva twitter) (I did 28th April)
Chapter April 28th

Manchester Psoriasis Awareness Festival 2014
(Details of programme including picture of me - poems were Subtitling Psoriasis  and Dispersing Psoriasis)

The Robin Hood Book (viva
Edge of the Flames I, Edge of the flames II

Addiction (viva Little Lark press)

Random Simple
Dipped in Movements

Lunaris Review
Dipped, Brighton in September 

Stutter, Cages, Counting to Ten, Dispersing Psoriasis, End of the World

Awen (Issue 88)
Counting to Ten, Migration

The End of Summer

Best of Manchester Poets Volume 1 (viva Puppywolf)
Final Appointment

Best of Manchester Poets Volume 3 (viva Puppywolf)
Bodies in Open Tombs later Edge of the flames III in End of Summer book

Agave Magazine
Almost from the beginning

D-Day 68th Anniversary Anthology
(viva mgv2-publishing)

Here comes everyone (Riots issue)
Furthest touch and drums for their flick knives - later Edge of the Flames I and II in End of Summer book

The Spleen Volume 1 (edited by John G Hall) viva (The Spleen)

Ghost House Review
Kissing my every Scent

Chicago Literati

Lost Country
The End of Summer IV

Lost Coast Review
Wind Across fences, Mystery Story, Missing Summer, Cages

Brine Books (Interview with myself)
Volume 1 - Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes
Counting to ten, Prisoners of War I and II

Volume 2 - Good Morning Justice

Volume 3 - Poetic Trenches
Priscilla, Prisoners of War III

Page & Spine
Kissing my every Scent, Magic III

Pinned back to the Wall


The Junkyard Procession
Staircase in the Wind, Translation, End of the World, Stutter,
Wrestling in Darkness, Sunset comes too soon

Fractal Magazine
The End of Summer III


My Father lost me to the beast at Cards
Pack of Cards, Traitor, Eclipse, The End of Summer IV, Last sunset

My Word Wizard
Now and then

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