Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brahmall Music Festival 2011

Latest Views and News - Week Commencing 26th June 2011

Bloody hell - it's been a hot day today and me and
Jeff and the girls complete with Jeff's mate, Des above
went to Brahmall Music Festival near Stockport and had
a really good time, but it was hot, hot, hot.

Me and Jeff did a 22 minute set which we enjoyed comprising
of six of our pieces 'A Coin in the Fountain', 'Ever Wondered?',
'Decades', 'Ghosts of Manchester Victoria', 'Leaving Belfast'
and 'Percy' and it went down fairly well I felt as we were backed
by a really good sound desk etc.

Also last week we did a shorter set at Open Mind, at an outlet
on Dale Street.. We did four pieces - 'A Coin...', 'Ever Wondered',
'Leaving Belfast' and 'Percy' which I think which wasn't perhaps
as good if I am honest because of the mike a bit, but the audience
still seemed to like us which is a plus i guess.

I've nothing planned this week coming actually which maybe a good
thing with the weather forthcoming been so hot, but we are down as
a band to support a few bands next Sunday at Kro Bar at 8pm
or something for half a hour or so which'll be nice and if we can
hold it together be serious stuff - lol.

Keep you informed nearer the time of course.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Latest News - Week Commencing 20th June 2011

Hi all;

Hope you are all enjoying this bright(ish) summery (ish) day in June.

I ended up going out yesterday for a walk in a near-ish park to me,
Longford Park and even thou the weather was at best patchy but when
It was sunny, it was lovely.

Since the last time I wrote, me and Jeffarama did a date at the Cadance
Festival in Tyldesley where to quite a full house in a tiny little Café, we
Hosted a really good and fun packed afternoon of poetry where I performed
One piece by myself (a new one called ‘Leaving Belfast’), one with a trio
Of backing poets all trying to put me off (Fun, Fun, Fun) and one with my
Band (Percy) and had a great afternoon. It was one of those rare afternoons
I felt where it was perfectly balanced.

This week is another busy one again with my band playing a gig at an outlet
On Dale Street on Wednesday for Open Mind. Not quite sure what is going to
Happen yet as haven’t done this night before, so you can expect a report in
More depth next time.

Quiet-ish week apart from that until Sunday when we are playing Brahmall Music Festival, which I think should be great fun also.

I am also currently proofing covers for the split book I am working on with Jeff ‘
A Means to an End’ and another top secret book I’ll talk about towards August.

Have a good week folks!

All go for me and the guys at Half Evil as normal! 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Latest News - Week Commencing 13th June 2011

Dear all;

Not a great deal happening this week after the busyness
of the past few weeks but I did do a really nice poetry gig
last Saturday at Paradox in Withington @ Fuel Bar which
was really good fun and well recieved too I think. I read out
four pieces 'Ghosts of Manchester Victoria', 'Before the
Curtains Open', 'Dear Andy' and 'Fun, Fun, Fun' which
went on for pushing 15 minutes I guess or so and really enjoyed it.

I did have some pictures took which I'll upload later too.

This week I am over at Write Out Loud's Stockport tonight
with Cathy and half hoping to persuade her to read there for
the first time and if not just enjoy herself.

Tuesday It's band rehearsals night with Jeff.. We have some
new stuff to discuss certainly and I hope a new piece or two
will start forming shortly from it.

Nothing creative wise, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
but Saturday me and Jeff are running the Cadance Festival
in Tyldesley Square in Tyldesley from 2pm - 5pm.. Come and
pop down if you are passing.

After that - I'll probably collapse - lol

More Soon

Monday, 6 June 2011

Week Commencing 6th June 2011

Bit more of a eventful week this week than last week which was if I am honest as much a rest as possible from poetry performing and writing etc.

Tonight first of all, I am attending the ‘Pass on a Poem’ event in Manchester which I think happens quarterly. I like attending the ‘Pass on a poem’ event partly because it happens at Manchester City Library which is about 15 minutes away from where I work walk, but also because it’s a nice way sometimes of discovering
writing you previously haven’t heard off. I’m tonight going to be reading two poems from a new writer to me called Antony Owen who is a Coventry based poet who has just brought out his second collection of Poetry called ‘The Dreaded Boy’. It should be great fun.

Tuesday night, I’m meeting with Jeffarama from my band, where I guess we will be having a natter and maybe a rehearsal for a Means to an End and have a discussion about a few other projects. (More details to follow).

Nothing planned for Wednesday as it stands (although band rehearsals may get shifted to Wednesday). Which-ever way, it happens – I aim to try to do some revision on a poem or two on the free night.

Thursday night, I am aiming to pop down to another occasional night at Manchester Musceum on Oxford Road called ‘Poetic Inspirations’. This only happens occasionally there at 6.30pm, so am hoping to use it to test a few newish pieces in prep for other readings.

No idea yet about the Week-end but the week after, it’ll be W.O.L. Stockport which I will be looking forward to as always.

Last week also before I forget with Guitar and Verse was pretty good also on 2nd July 2011 with a good crowd of maybe 30 or so to watch a excellent new poet, Laura Taylor and a singer songwriter Jeff knows called James Johnson. Looking forward to the July one featuring a pal of mine, Avital all the way from Israel (viva Berlin) again.

Have a good week all.