My other blogs (some used more than others):

Napwrimo 2012

Napwrimo 2013

Napwrimo 2014 (Ghost Story)

Napwrimo 2015 (Ghost Story II)

Napwrimo 2016 (Ghost Story III)

Napwrimo 2017 (Ghost Story IV)

Napwrimo 2018 (Ghost Story V) ** Forthcoming **

52 Poetry (My attempt at Jo Bell's 52 poems project. Failed sadly)

Pre University Scribbles (Very early poetry pre university)

University Scribbles (Poetry and other works wrote at university)

Andy N's Creative CV (list of projects completed over the years)

Other Pages of my work:

A Means to an End (Facebook Page)

Andy N (Writer Page) (Facebook Page)

Audio Poesis (Facebook Page)

Westendwriters (Facebook Page)


Writers of the third Kind

My Page on Soundcloud (including lots of exclusive tracks from Ocean in a Bottle and Poetry)

My Profile on LinkedIn

Fan Fiction on Constantine / Hellblazer (done years back)

My Page on Amazon (Authors Page)

My Author page on MeWe

Other Websites of interest:

Cathys Comps and Calls (Great website which lists tons of Poetry Comps etc)

Poetry Prompts (I use this site regularly for Poetry Prompts) (A Great Poetry Blog) (A Brave Poetry Blog dealing with the crisis in Calais)

Ashley Nicholson blog (Not relation but another great writer)

Napwrimo (National Poetry Writing Month - which I do every year official website)

Jeffarama! (my guitarist in A Means to an End's Poetry Blog)

Rafael Anton Irisarri (I dearly love this artist)

Porya Hatami (An sound artist from Iran who never ceases to surprise me)

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