Sunday, 19 October 2014

News and Views (19/10/2014)

(Andy N and P.R.Mcdowell introducing Last Dance Saloon at 3MT, 18 Oct 2014)

Didn’t realise until before I haven’t done my latest news and views in over 3 months so anyhow: 

Work with Amanda Silberangel:

Although the more eagle aged of you would have noticed we did talk about doing an EP in July / August and it hasn’t yet appeared, this is in part down to the artwork and not the music and the tracks are finalised and it’s now a simple case of waiting for the artwork. As a stop gap, I likely will be uploading a few tracks onto soundcloud soon.

Ocean in a Bottle:

Since the last entry, Ocean in a Bottle has released two EPs – ‘Approaching Stretford’ and ‘EP for Alex Humphrey’ and ‘The End of Summer’ – all of which are mentioned elsewhere in this blog.

My current EP The End of Summer Part II s was released on 03 October 2014, which I will provide a separate note on tomorrow. Two tracks from it can be sampled at in the meantime here

But the EP can be sampled in free (for free as always)

After that, the next EP shall be a 6 or 7 track EP called ‘Hurricane in a bottle’ which will display a much more fierce sound than either of the End of Summer EP’s or the Alex EP, which again maybe be two EP’s again and I also am playing with a different form again which may end up as a EP called ‘Movement in C’ which I will discuss further in future months maybe in December or January of next year.

Distance / DIH:

After a gap of several years in both cases, the full line of DIH recently got back together to record three tracks for the final Digit Vomit on memories due out later on in the year.

Distance’s current line up has also recorded two tracks after been asked for two other comps, and enjoyed them that much has also recorded an album which end up been a collb with Ocean in a Bottle (Drones over Piano).

And after discussion with my old partners in HICC, we are considering re-launching HICC on bandcamp re-releasing old releases with additional tracks.

A Means to an End:

After doing two really good gigs in June, July was quiet for the band although we carried on meeting up.

In August, we played two gigs, one at the Inspire Festival which probably was one of my favourite gigs (Have a storming version of Leaving Belfast on youtube which can be heard at

We then struggled two days later through another gig at Bolton Food and Drink Festival where I wasn’t well, but we did okay.

We also did a short set at the Conscious Club in Manchester which was a difficult gig I know some of the band felt but very enioyable and played to around 500 people as a headline act on one of the stages at Wigans Diggers Festival 2014 which was great fun.

After that, we should have done three gigs for Blackpool Music Festival, but that alas turned into one owning to circumstances beyond our control where I performed a new one piece with the band called ‘North Pier Runaways’ and Petrova debuted a new song too.


Lot been published since I last wrote which can be seen on my website, but some highlights from the past few months have been:

Red Bicyles (For Hebden Bridge Arts Festival) where I was approached to write a bit on a poem which would have lines among it from lots of other poets.

Orgami Press also published a chapbook of mine ‘Mystery Story’ which can be downloaded for free here -

Healthywaterwaystrust published three of my boat / water poems here

Twisted Promise Productions:

Some developments here as the play now have a new working title of ‘Last Dance Saloon’ and keeping with the original title, now we are called Twisted Promise Productions.

We have been meeting up monthly on this and most of the main parts of the play have now been completed. We performed part of it at Manchester Poetry Festival last night which although didn’t quite go to plan was enjoyable and more will follow from this in the new year. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My night with the Vampire (Short Horror Film)

found this among some old dvd's at my mum and dad's last night of a old horror / gothic film more years ago that i will admit, i actually starred in and did the soundtrack for.
How things change! lol
Enjoy guys.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Boat Story (New Poem)

Extended like a playing card
Leaves cover the tip of your boat
Dropped in the absence
Of a captain stood on top
Shouting out orders,

Coloured candy
In dripping water

Echoing your sneezing
In each passing moment

Unfolded across
Each town

Tuning into the silence
Of your stuttering engine.

(Wrote for National Poetry Day on the theme of remember.
This is about memories of a boat trip from many years ago)