Sunday, 15 September 2019

News July / August / September 2019

Ocean in a Bottle news:

Last release on the Ocean in a Bottle page was the haunting single ‘Reading in Space between Earth and Venus’ which covered the simple act of reading in Space (

Since then, a full length album called ‘On Saturn’s Wings’ has appeared on peristent Vegetative Statement Records which is described as two long, epic ambient drones spinning into a more spiralling, freer form and carries its drones across an imaginary journey between beauty and a paradox of what it is seen and what is not seen. This album can be streamed / downloaded for FREE from

Also released on Silber Records as part of their field recordings series, two singles have been made both made up of live Field Recordings

Birds on the Roof with a bad throat at Manchester Victoria Train Station just before the moon rises

Walking to the Bus Station

The next two Ocean in a Bottle singles ‘Waiting to land on Venus’ (Haunting angel choirs prior to landing on a devil like planet) and ‘Space Graveyard Volume 1 (An musical space piano and drone noise EP and the first in a series) which follow over September and October all been well, and I am now working on a single called Examining Phobos and Deimos for life. A few versions of a track called The Noir Side of the Moon have also been completed and could crop in a few places also.

Ocean in a Bottle will also be doing a track for the annual DIH and friends (More details can be found here -

Spoken Label News:

Spoken Label since my last newsletter has been operating on almost a weekly basis and has included Podcasts by the following people since my last update..

Rob Barrett (July 2019)

Roz Weaver (July 2019)

Robert Garnham (July 2019)

Serafina Bersonage (August 2019)

Grant Curnow (August 2019)

Roxanne San Jose (August 2019)

Chris Neilson (September 2019)

Planet in Peril – Various Poets (September 2019)

Bernie the Bolt (September 2019)

Matt Nicholson (September 2019)

A number of future sessions have been recorded from the following – Joe Williams, Ellie Mason, Leanne Beadle, Emilie Lauren Jones, John G Hall, Nicola Dale, Noemi Scotellaro Massimi, Penny Sharman, Lizzie Smith, Howling Jack Russell, Thomas, Yvonne Ugarte and Rob Goodier with other sessions currently been lined up.

Also lined up for Speak Easy is a charity Christmas album wanting submissions. More details can be found here

Reading in Bed News

Reading in Bed has carried on with its monthly production schedule of Podcasts between me and Amanda. The last few Podcasts can be found here -

Reading in Bed Episode 19 (July 2019)

Books reviewed were:
1. Stephen King - On Writing
2. Gregg Hurwitz - Out of the Dark
3. Paul Auster - Hand to Mouth
4. Charles Harris - the breaking of Liam Harris
5. Serafina Bersonsage - A Witch's Education

Reading in Bed Episode 20 (August 2019)

Books reviewed were:
1. Susanna Beard - Dare to remember
2. Fred Hoyle - The Black Cloud
3. Riley Sager - Lock every Door
4. Howard Caryle - The Meyerstown Secret
5. Stephen King - Cell
6. Amber Kraysen - I see myself in the distance

Reading in Bed Episode 21 (September 2019)

Books reviewed were:

1. Samantha Schweblin – Fever Dream
2. Jane Corry - - The Dead Ex
3. Daniel H Wilson – Robopoalypse
4. Louise Doughty - Platform 7
5. Alta H Mabin – Evidence of Pain

We are currently planning books for Octobers and Novembers Podcast.

Comics Unity News:

After a slightly quieter spell, Comics Unity has been really busy recently between myself and Michael with the following episodes been recorded:

(Extra Episode 7 with guest co host Amanda, myself and Michael discussing more about what we would like to see from the final season of Supernatural)

(Extra Episode 6 with guest co host Gavin about what we would like to see from the final season of Supernatural)

(Episode 10 - Andy N and Michael discuss a whole host of topics featured at the San Diego Comics Con 2019 and all the latest comics news and latest TV / film news including rumoured James Bond news, Supernatural castings, castings for DC shows and much, much more)

Episode 11 of Comics Unity has also been recorded and will be getting released shortly but also on a monthly basis all been well for the foreseeable future myself and Michael will be releasing a special series within the Comics Unity universe of works by comic writers we like and would like to recommend)

A Nature’s Path

A new Poetry and Literture Podcast with my old friend Colleen has been set up and will be broadcast live on blogtalk radio every Monday from 7pm to 7.15pm or so on (I’m doing a backup for this on

Printed Words

This literature / creative writing magazine / journal edited and created by Amanda and featuring me on the submissions panel has just released its 3rd issue which can be found and bought on Amazon but can also be downloaded for free at Amanda’s website at

Printed Words also made it’s live debut recently at the Festival of Manchester more of which can be read here . Special thanks to from me and Amanda Steel to Randy Horton, Alicia Fitton, Zoe Howarth Lowe, Sara Culleno, Alex Asher and Anthony Brisco for reading out with us that day. All been well, future live dates will follow. (My live video from that day can be seen here -

You can also now submit if you wish to Issue 4 (Closing date 10th November 2019) and further submission details can be read here

Speak Easy

Speak Easy is Stretford’s always friendly spoken word open mic night which is held at Stretford’s lovely Sip on the first Wednesday of each month.

After a change in approach on the advertising, numbers have been steadingly increasing to around 20 people reading each month, pictures from the last few months can be seen here



Dates for the rest of the year (for either 5 or 6 minute slots) shall be 02 October 2019, 06 November 2019 and 04 December 2019 with dates pencilled in from February 2020 also to follow.

Email me on if interested as the night is starting to get a real buzz about it.

Personal Writing / Open Mics:

Myself and Amanda have generally maintained our usual or so 4 readings every month. In August, while there was no Speak Easy and we were unable to go Word Central, we went over to Bradford’s speaking in tongues. There is no video footage of myself but I did record Amanda with two of her poems – Abscence Minded ( and How to tell if she loves you (

I did a few separate gigs during August on the theme of Peterloo (the most shouty of which can be heard here -

Lastly on the video front, a video of me doing ‘Unexpected Change in Weather’ also appeared from August’s Word Central ( on youtube.

Publishing wise, all been well, there is quite a few things on the go
but firstly the Mark Literary has published one of my mini poems from my 4th
and upcoming collection ‘The Streets were all we could see’

Bold Plus Italic back in July also published one of my Robot poems ‘Reading

There are quite a few new pieces also forthcoming in other publications and projects which I’ll be able to talk about another day.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Pictures from Speak Easy, September 2019

Here are the pictures from September's Speak Easy all took by Amanda Steel. (apart from the last two pictures which were took by Andy N)

Next one will be 2 October at the Stretford's Sip Club.

Get in touch if interested. 

Andy N

Mary Cunningham

Eve Nortley 

Neill Watkins 

Kevin White

Elenia Gr 

Elenia Gr 

Chris Moore

Joy Wassall Tims 

Penny Sharman

Lynn Walton


Mike Booth

Steve Smythe 

Gordon Zola


Anthony Smith

Anthony Briscoe

Matt Phillips


Grant Curnow

Amanda Steel 

Andy N 

Conversation informat

Sunday, 1 September 2019

DIH and friends @ Christmas 2019 submission

Back again for its 18th anniversary(Barring a few gaps off course), DIH and friends at Christmas are opening their doors on a submission for ambient, drone, metal, singersongwriter, experimental and poetry to name but a few genres (all welcome really) on the theme of Christmas.

The history of the project from Digital Vomit state ‘The origin behind the infamous series of DIH with friends at Christmas began back in 2002 when for a one off joke as a side project from his more official work in DIH, Andy N one year decided with the help of one or two friends decided to do in his words ‘ A Christmas album for those people who don’t really like Christmas’ where in the space of half an hour (as was the original plan) – Andy and a few friends would murder, cripple and take the piss out of as many songs as they could.

However, as is the nature of the beast with this sort of thing things snowballed and by the time the second album came along, It had become officially a DIH project where they would between the three of them alongside with an ever-increasing cast play around with the myth of the Christmas, which will often be funny and sad sometimes within the same breath.

The music contained within this series of albums are varied and can vary from spoken word (sometimes with musical backing or experimental backing), acoustic singer songwriter stuff to music that could appeal to fans of Aphex Twin, hardcore, breakbeats, dub step, fans of the spoken word, re-imagining of carols and classic songs, faithful versions of Christmas carols and songs and generally people who like their music to challenge and make them think.

For reasons too long winded and just plain boring to go into here, DIH took a break from the Christmas albums in 2012 before starting up again in 2015. Following on from their 2015 comeback, we are now expecting submissions for our 2019 album, our fifth album since starting up again with anything and everything encouraged from experimental, drones, ambient, Christmas Carols, Poems, songs.. whatever takes your guardian really..

Anything is welcome by email to either myself (Andy N)

Me and Keith can also be contacted viva Facebook for further questions (Andy) (Keith)

The complete archive can be sampled here -
and the album will be released on Hicc Records

Closing date is 03 December 2019

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Spoken Label - Christmas album (Poetry and Spoken word wanted)

Since its creation at the start of 2016, Spoken Label (my informal Podcast chat series) has maintained its focus to record and release sessions, on an almost weekly basis with local writers and artists and beyond, collecting informal chats about their work and where it came from and if they wish, then providing them with a chance to share some examples of their work.

Although this series will be ongoing for the rest of this year and hopefully next year, from 31st August 2019 Spoken Label, as a special project (hopefully ongoing yearly) is aiming to put together by a poetry / spoken word album on the theme of Christmas, by various poets and writers. Submissions can be made in mp3, m4 and wav etc and can be emailed to Andy N at aen1mpo@yahoo, and has a closing date of 02 December 2019.

I can do some recordings viva Skype and Facebook and on the telephone (maybe in person too depending on distance), but it is best to check for  availability, if you are struggling to record.

The completed album will go live on Spoken Label's page at at the beginning of December 2019. All proceedings will be divided among two charities (details of which will be announced later).

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Unexpected change of weather (New Poem)

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Unexpected change of Weather

Left blowing in the breeze
the gate behind us was left dangling open
as a final learning curve
after we passed through it
beckoning us to come back to it
and try and shut it again.

Digging a way in the air to another world
we had just left behind
quivering on the other side of the river
between now and then
bresting the horizons
with the sudden change in weather.

Lapping on auto-pilot
all the way to the next field ,
our feet covered in ice laced leaves
and legs in ash coloured shadows
mid-stride running back
in a soft trot to your car.

Dissecting emotions left out for a eulogy
through another field then another
implanting silent notes of music
over your car window like magic
as the snow signalled the end of Autumn
all the way home.

(Painting is by Victoria Mironkeno and is published here with permission - more of her work can be seen on her instragram page - mironkeno.victoria)

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Printed Words live at the festival of Manchester 31 August 2019

A few of you know I have been assisting my always lovely partner Amanda Steel with the production of Printed Words, a new fast growing journal from Manchester featuring various kinds of creative writing.

In major news, as you can see we have been invited to read out at Manchester's Festival of Manchester at Platt fields.

Come along and support us. it's a free event.

I'll be Mcing it and reading briefly during it.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Live Set @ Peterloo Soapbox, 16 August 2019

The Peterloo Massacre took place at St Peter's Field, Manchester, Lancashire, England on Monday 16 August 1819 when cavalry charged into a crowd of 60,000–80,000 who had gathered to demand the reform of parliamentary representation.

Two hundred years later, I was invited to do a short set for Manchester Histories in tribute to these events where I read out two new poems 'Peterloo' and 'the day Nicolae Ceaușescu died'