Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Poem for Cathy (2013)

Put your head against mine
On Christmas morning
Just before the Alarm goes off
And your cats start marching
Up and down in your kitchen
And remember what it was like,

Of the way Snow used to come down
Outside where you used to live
Leaving that taxi taking us to my parents
Going up and down that hill
Like it was trying to tackle
A ski slope rather than a ride out,

In particular when I knocked off
All of the labels skidding down the road
Leaving us guessing all the way down
Whose present was who’s
Much to the amusement
Of both my father and brother,

And on the way back
When the taxi driver
Couldn’t get his taxi going again
And I had to help him
Push it back up the hill
In a attempt to get kickstart it

Totally defying gravity

A lot like what your cats do
Every morning.

(For Cathy. Blog to follow next few days but have a great Christmas all!)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

live @ joshua wilson brain tumour charity night 7 december 2013

Dear all;

Last Saturday my band 'a means to an end' played a set at the  joshua wilson brain tumour charity night @ the duck club, bury and had a great time.

here are some selected videos from the night..

true colours - behind blue eyes

trevor edge

trevor edge - 2

tony kinsella

pete slater

pete slater and john 'blackneck' matthews

john 'blackneck' matthews

john 'blackneck' matthews 2

john 'blackneck' matthews 3

jeffarama! it ain't gonna happen

gordon zola

gordon zola - 2

a means to an end - ghost of liverpool empire

a means to an end - ever wondered?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

John Dawson (a tribute)

I have just found out John Dawson before, a regular member of the writing workshop I co run with Amanda ‘Writers of the Third Kind’  over the past two years or so sadly passed away on Monday 18 November 2013.

He was 75.

I am do not know yet what has happened here but I know he was poorly over the summer, but still managed to run the last of his charity nights in Radcliffe Hospice the other month.

He wasn’t very well that night but still managed to get up and read out a poem or two with a charm and smile that I hope didn’t desert him right up until the end that was constant throughout his poetry.

The piece below which is from a booklet of his published last year ‘thirty rhyming poems’ is one of my favourites of his and while not one of his funnier pieces sums up the way I shall miss him.

Rest in Peace, John.

You will be missed. 


A pair of slippers, an empty chair
The room now cold and bare
His coat still hangs behind the door
A stack of old newspapers on the floor
A cup of cold tea, beside his bed
A dip in the pillow where he lay his head
We had some good times grand dad and me
It doesn’t seem long, since I sat on his knee
Always laughing, and full of fun
But alas his race is run
I still can’t believe he’s no longer there
Just a pair of slippers and a empty chair.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The End of Summer - delay

Sadly my next book ‘the end of summer’ has hit a delay folks.

It won’t be out now until 2014 I think now.

This isn’t because I have hit a writers block or anything like that. The book itself is pretty well wrote aside from one final piece I have in my thoughts need a final re-drafting but it kinda made sense with Christmas approaching to leave it until Christmas itself when I can then finally look at it what to do next with it.

In the meantime, while The End of Summer takes a well deserved break other projects are bubbling along nicely.

As always including hopefully a split book with another writer and a play with two other writers.

Next week or two, I will hope to share something from the book previously unpublished.

Hope you are having a nice Winter guys.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Latest News and Views 21/10/2013

1)   The End of Summer…. Second draft of the book is now complete. I have now passed copies over to selected parties for comments before I decide whether to do a third draft or start submitting. Either way, I can’t see this being ready until the start of next year now.

2)   I have now started co writing a poetry book with a young poet called Amy. Work is in the early stages, but there’s currently around 10 or so poems complete and Amy is in the middle of three more pieces. All of the 10 or so pieces are still works in progress, I feel to a degree but Amy has done really well with the material so far and for such a young writer is doing really well.

3)   Work I think is going to start on a piece with P.R. Mcdowell called Twisted Promise II, which will follow on from the original piece.

4)   Probably for 2015, me and a Oldham based (currently) poet called Nick Armbister  have started work on a book of more war based poetry, in my case picking out stories which are perhaps less well known focusing on what war does to people’s lives. I believe Nick has wrote three pieces for this book, while I have just done my second. When I get chance, I will sit down and start research for a third

5)   As blogged early, work is now underway for the annual DIH and friends @ Christmas 2013 album. I have wrote my lyrics for the DIH piece, which may well end up doing a duet with July Skies, but watch this space.

6)   I headlined Write Out Bolton last night and did a good set I felt of mostly stuff from ‘The End of Summer’. However, with the landscape changing in Manchester on the Poetry open mike scene, this will likely be the last one I do for some time now for the rest of this year certainly and maybe beyond until my book is done, and then I may pop out to a few and see the wind blows with things.

7)   A Means to an End played Salford Music Festival at the end of September, which was probably our best gig to date. We are down for a night called Beatification in Mid November (more details to follow) and a charity do in December.

8)  I have been playing round with my midi keyboard a lot at Jeff’s last night and it sounded smashing, so this defo will start getting used more and more in live sets and once we get Jeff’s laptop recording proper, we are going to start recording some EP’s and maybe more.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

DIH and friends @ Christmas 2013 Submissions wanted.

As some as you know my underground band / noise supergroup DIH (or Distorted in Hindsight to give its full name) have produced some quite noisy and brutal spoken word based albums over the years.
In 2002, for a one off joke as a side project for Christmas, I decided with the help of a few friends decided to do in album in the space of half an hour (as was the original plan) where we would crippled, murder and take the piss out of as many songs as we could.
By the time we got to 2003, as is the nature of the beast with this kind of things, things snowballed and it had become officially a DIH project (with Keith and Clara onboard of course) where between the three of us with an ever increasing cast play around with the myth of the Christmas which will often be funny and sad sometimes within the same breath.
To date, the music within these albums have contained anything from singer / songwriter stuff, Brian eno tributes, full on noise, Christmas carols, mashups with the aim to see how many tracks we can bootleg into oen tracks, Aphex twin type crunchers, spoken word and anything else we can throw into the kitchen sink
The music contained within this series of albums are varied and can vary from acoustic singer songwriter stuff to music that could appeal to fans of Aphex Twin, fans of the spoken word all designed to make people think and challenge them as much as we can.
Although DIH as a band is quiet nowadays, the Christmas project is still ongoing and is now accepting submissions for it’s now 12th year of submissions and would like people  to submit whatever they feel like submitting on mp3 etc for inclusion on a to be uploaded Christmas albums viva HICC.
More can be read here (http://www.digitalvomit.com/dih-and-friends) or more details can be reached through me (Andy N) on aen1mpo@yahoo.co.uk
Closing date will be around 7th December 2013 although I may extend it.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Peterloo (New Poem)

In the end
It meant absolutely nothing
Once the killing
And the butchery started.

The collective voice of 80,000 people
Who had marched
For hours and hours
Meant absolutely nothing
When they were cut down
Like cattle by the score.

Everybody had arrived in a
Disciplined and organised contingent
Like a troop of soldiers
From the hills
And the outskirts
But ran like scared children
When the sabres flashed
In the daylight,

And the bodies lined the fields
While others
Were kicked down cellars casually
And pregnant women
Had their skulls ripped open.

Everybody had arrived
To peacefully protest
Proclaiming Henry Hunt’s words
Armed with no weapon
But a self approving conscience.

It meant nothing of course

And the stench
Still stinks across time
And echoing footsteps
Across Manchester Peace Gardens
Near where scores
Were cut down without mercy,

Without a care
Like daytime ghosts
Lost on a carnivorous landscape,

Before disappearing into the sunset
And cruelty
Which has only changed shade
In the years since

But never it’s texture.
Never it’s texture.
Remembering Shelley’s words
Ye are many – they are few.
Ye are many – they are few.
Ye are many – they are few
But never it’s texture.
Something we could all with remembering.

(In memory of those who lost their lives at Peterloo)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Poetry Writing Ebook opportunity


Writing to me always have a incorrect myth about it where it portraited as a solitary existence where a writer will spend a lot of his time sat alone scribbling and often re-scribbling in a little, tiny room until hopefully something good comes from it.

As a writer myself, although I have done this on occasion, usually a lot of my writing comes from the noise around me when I am usually rushing from Point A to Point B who are often indirectly working on a piece with me often without even knowing it.

My first book ‘Return to Kemptown’ was of course wrote in this method, as will be my second full length book ‘The End of Summer’ which’ll be done in either 2014 or 2015 (It’s getting there I can reveal but not quite) but working on the A Means to an End book with Jeff Dawson (Jeffarama!) was a experience which I can recommend to anybody trying to find pieces that work together and in more than a few occasions within the book physically ghost writing each others pieces.

There will be a second A Means to an End book in due course perhaps next year with the third member of A Means to an End Petrova on board but starting in possible prep for that, me and Jeff started writing a few sequences together fairly recently on pieces where we would be bouncing segments off each, understanding each other skills and experiences until something completely different came from it.

Out of the blue after we had completed our third sequence, a young writer called P.R. McDowell approached me about co-writing a piece which eventually became a epic poem called ‘Twisted Promise’ which will appear in his upcoming book which will he be self publishing  later on this year, where night after night for a good month and a half, we were bouncing stanzas off each other constantly and then when we had finished re-editing it, it became apparent that there was something to be said for these jointly wrote poems, or duets as I like to call them and perhaps should be collected in a little e-book.

Henceforth this blog.

Although this will be a long term project and currently has a sequence with Jeff called ‘The Death of Summer’ for it as with P.R.’s poem, (and several other poems in the pipevine), there is lots of space available for anybody else who is interested in having a jam.

My writing can of course be read on here blog is of course but some of my other poems can be found at

Why not have a peek and let me know what you think and we can play it from there.

Andy N (aen1mpo@yahoo.co.uk) 

Poetry completed with so far (as of 13/07/2013)

Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!)
Le Vampire
Robert Goodier
Amy Houston
P.R. Mcdowell 

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Moving On (Stretford)

Moving on from the end of our friendship,
It is sometimes easy to look over the bridge
And look how far we have come
Before the coin sinks into the water.

Moving on from the end of our friendship,
You can count the ripples in the moonlight
Which once used to cause such a splash
Now disappear totally without a trace.

Moving on from the end of our friendship,
You can see the sunset sinking rapidly
When once we’ould painted everybody dry
Now spiral into endless decay,

Making you glad you moved away.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New videos of Poetry Performance between May 2013 - June 2013

Dear all;

Here are a selection of videos with the occasional song of acts I have seen in performance throughout May and June 2013. 


Andy N 

Guitar and Verse May 2013

Petrova Fairhurst – Regret

Petrova Fairhurst –The Legend of the Willow Wight 

Petrova Fairhust – The Changling 

Petrova Fairhurst with Andrew Blott – Forsooth! 

The nearly dead poets – unwelcome in the welcome 

Lauren Coulson – leaving home

Arthur Chappell – bite

Deslexic – I await the day

Gordon Zola – autumn leaves 

Joe – the ballad of joyce carney aged 38 

Blue Zen – Sea Clearly

Blue Zen – drifting

Blue Zen – broken glass

Andy N – Final Poem

Andy N – Edge of the world with Billy Mackenzie 

Bury Hospice Charity Gig May 2013, Radcliffe.

Jeffarama! 2013 unlucky for some 

Jeffarama! Appointment with fear

Jeffarama! Brief Encounters

Jeffarama! Ever Wondered

Jeffarama! Ghosts of Rivington Moor

Jeffarama! It just ain’t gonna happen

Jeffarama! There has to be hope!

Manda Lee – Life moves on

Manda Lee – split personality

Martin Bailey – various

Rob Goodier – a actors life

Rob Goodier – pin number to the world

Joe Kozarzewski – I believe in fariries

Joe Kozarzewski – Rochdale

Andy N – Longford theatre

Andy N – Yesterday

Andy N – Open Door Closed

Andy N – Conversation on the train

Andy N – Ghosts of Manchester Victoria

Andy N – Hope

Live Wordology, Manchester, May 2013 

Anna Percy (Complete Set)

Jeffarama! (Complete Set)

Andy N – Fathers

Andy N – kissing my every absence

Andy N – The day Nicolae Ceausescu Died 

Andy N – the ghost of Liverpool Empire

Andy N - The End of Summer

Live Guitar and Verse, June 2013

Alvin Sawdust

Arthur Chappell

Baz Schofield


Jeffarama! – we shouldn’t meet at funerals

Lee Moore


Meshach R Brencher

Mike Wilson

P.R. McDowell

Andy N – The day Nicolae Ceausescu Died 

Paul Davies aka Ukepunk  

Rob Goodier

Road to Nowhere

Get it On

A Means to an End - Up on the Roof

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Latest News and Views - 05/06/2013

Hope this note finds you all enjoying the sunshine where-ever you are.

After some time of rain and the usual rubbish in the British summertime,
The last few days have been a pleasant surprise.

News anyhow now in short doses as always:

1)      First of all I attended Write Out Loud, Stockport last month which was fairly
Quiet but gave me chance to debut the day N C died, a new poem originally
Drafted during Napwrimo but finished for this and which got me a standing orvation.

2)      Not long after that, me and Manda did our last Writers of the third kind for this season on 22/05/2013 (Will re-start probably in August but watch this space). Had our biggest turn out so far for it (12 people) which was hard work to control but which was very, very pleasing and from which it looked like everybody had a great time in it. I’ve had interest from other people about the re-start, so it looks like the third season will prove just as fun.

3)      The following Thursday on 30/05/2013 as a favour for John Dawson, one of the members of the workshop, me, Manda, Rob Goodier, Joe and Martin Bailey all took up 10 minute slots at a charity reading in Radcliffe for Bury Hospice which raised just over £100 I believe. I did Longford Theatre, Yesterday, Open Door Closed, Conversation on the train and as a conclusion Hope. It was a nice night turn out of around 23 or 24, week and as the video footage proves which I am still editing I was on fire!

4)      This Monday just hone on 03/06/2013, I did another set at Poetic logic at 3MT Theatre in Manchester near Afflecks. Sadly this was quite a poor turn out, but I enjoyed myself and did a 10 minute set including the live debuts of several new poems ‘Fathers’, ‘Kissing your every scent’, a formal live debut of the day NK died and one old favourite ‘the ghost of Liverpool empire.

5)      This Thursday coming 06/06/2013 is Guitar and Verse for June where as a headline poet we will have a young lad called Barrie Schofield who is a major tip as a writer we think and a band Jeff has worked with before called Unipunk. I think on the night as a Means to an End we will be testing out a majorily revised piece called ‘Up on the Roof’ which was one of our first pieces back in 2011, and only played live once before I believe and I’ll slip in another poem too (not revealing what).

6)      After that, A Means to an End will be playing maybe 20 minutes or so at the Cadence CafĂ© as part of the Cadence Festival in Tyldesley on Saturday 15th June, and headlining Open Mind on Monday 24th June. Jeff is also doing a guitar and verse special sadly without me on Thursday 28th June. I think also there is going to be another charity do happening for John Dawson at the end of July, and the band are in action again as part of the Inspire Festival in August and hopefully Ramsbottom Festival / Salford Music Festival in September and have other things in October and November also.

7)      Had a email from Amanda Silbernagel also which was pleasing and I think our little project there will be back up to speed in the Summer now her studies have calmed down and in a ideal world would like to get a EP done before the end of Summer.

8)      I have been working on a long narrative poem with the writer P.R. Mcdowell too for his upcoming debt solo book due out in October time I believe which is taking time also but looking good.

9)      My own book ‘the end of summer’ is going slow I can be honest in admitting but I do have several new poems on the way for it, and I think it’ll be done by Spring of next year, and if all goes to plan – there’ll  be another A Means to an End book before the end of 2014 (I’ve wrote about four pieces for it and have a couple of sequences wrote for it also with Jeff and will be working on some stuff with Petrova for the book too)

More soon folks. Hope you are all good!


(Picture is me at Stamford on Sunday last week enjoying the sunshine!)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jamie McIntyre Art Exhibition May 2013

Dear all;

I went down to Jamie McIntyre, a young artist from Manchester, Uk for his debut exhibition on Friday 10th May 2013 at Bar 2022NQ which can be found at the Basement, 20, Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1EZ.

I was approached by Tracey, Jaime's mum recently to write a poem about one of the pictures as was Tracy's partner, Jeff and my partner in A means to an End and great fun it was.

Here are a few pictures from the exhibition with my poems (and Jeff's).

Try and pop over if you can as the exhibiton only runs until 16th May 2013.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

latest news and views 9th May 2013

Dear all;


Sorry for the quietness but as always my life has been busy over the past month or two mostly sorting out my engagement do with Cathy.


However, have found time to squeeze in the following:


1)      My project with Amanda Silbernagel has been a little quiet as I know Amanda has been busy. However we are working on a remix which I hope to share next few weeks.


2)      Aside from a un-announced appearance at my engagement do, a means to an end have been quiet apart from doing 30 minutes at a night called words v music at the beginning of April. Next gig for me which will be another full set will happen at Open Mind at the end of June (More details to follow)


3)      Throughout April, as part of Napwimo (National Poetry writing month) I did a poem a day on this blog (http://30poemsin30days2013.blogspot.co.uk/) and printed them in a low key book (http://www.lulu.com/shop/andy-n/30-poems-in-30-days-2013/paperback/product-20998224.html) . Over this month I am hoping to get some time to sit down and start revising some of these.


4)      Guitar and Verse in May was a little quiet maybe, but it didn’t hide the quality of the acts on the open mike and also the excellent headline sets by my buddy in A Means to an End, Petrova Fairhust and a excellent new band Blue Zen. I did two poems on the night ‘Edge of the world with Billy McKenzie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvQ-ONu0gTo) and Final Poem (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9yvabhYxU). I am next performing at Write out Loud, Stockport next week and then at the end of the month (last Thursday) a charity reading for a gent called John Dawson as a fundraiser for Parkinson’s disease.


5)      Hopefully too, I will find time to return to my novel ‘the past’ among all this too.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

videos from guitar and verse, manchester, april and may 2013

Here is video footage from the last two guitar and verse events in April and May 2013 featuring footage of most of the acts:

Guitar and Verse, Manchester, May 2013

(Andy N, Edge of the world with Billy Mackenzie)

(Andy N – Final Poem)

(Blue Zen – Drifting)

(Blue Zen – Broken Glass)

(Blue Zen – Sea Clearly)

(Joe the Ranter – the ballad of Joyce Carney aged 38)

(Gordon Zola – autumn leaves)

(Deslexic – I await the day)

(Arthur Chappell – bite)

(Lauren Coulson – leaving home)

(Lauren Coulson – festival)

(The nearly dead poets – unwelcome in the welcome inn)

(Petrova Fairhurst / Andrew Blott – Forsooth!)

(Petrova Fairhurst – the changling)

(Petrova Fairhurst – the legend of willow wight)

(Petrova Fairhurst – regret)

Guitar and Verse, Manchester April 2013

(A Means to an end – forgotten her0)

(Andy N – forgotten voices of the holocaust)

(Lauren Coulson – untitled)

(Lauren Coulson – from Manchester with love)

(Antonioni – flying over Liverpool)

(Gordon Zola – labour’s in the shite)

(Baz – a boy named Kim)

(Arthur Chappell – sheer naked terror)

(Joe the ranter – I’m proud to be vegan)

(Joe the ranter – Rochdale)

(Tom George – dance with my shadow)

(Tom George – untitled)

(the nearly dead poets and Tom George – Once I’ve been a woman)

(Nick armbister – Joan Jett)

(Nick armbister – only you)

(Nick armbister – epica)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Hillsborough (tribute poem for the diaster in 1989)


Suspended in the
Silent, stubborn wind.

Rubber was split bent double
Across the pitch
Like an un-answered prayer.

Ghostly, dismantled
Across a sky of open wounds
Substituting noise for silence
Over lepping lane
With fear watching over
The scoreboards.

Memories dismantled across stands
And dissolved into a absence
Half rubbed out
With justice rattling
In the silence.


(A short tribute to the terrible events which happened at Hillsborough)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

poetry / music uploaded from recent nights

some poetry / music videos some featuring me took recently:

(A Means to an End - Leaving Belfast - March 2013)

(A Means to an End - Return to Kemptown - March 2013)

(Andy N - Revenge is a dish best served cold, Performance, March 2013)

(Andy N - Longford theatre, Performance, March 2013)

(Andy N - Before the Curtains open, Performance, March 2013)

(Andy N - Open Door closed, Performance, March 2013)

(A Means to an End - the ghost of liverpool empire, Performance, March 2013)

( A Means to an End - tracing places, Performance, March 2013)

(Arthur Chapell, Guitar and Verse, February 2013)

(Gordon Zola, Guitar and Verse, March 2013)

(Gordon Zola, Performance, March 2013)

(Ushiku Crisafulli, Guitar and Verse March 2013)


(Ushiku Crisafulli, Guitar and Verse March 2013)

(A Means to an End - tracing Planes - Guitar and Verse, March 2013)

(Andy N - open door closed, Guitar and Verse, March 2013)

(Tony Sheridan, Performance, March 2013)

(Nick Armbister, Guitar and Verse, March 2013)

(Rob Goodier, Performance, March 2013)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

latest news and views - 2nd march 2013

Hi all;

Hope you are good and enjoying the what I hope is the beginning of Spring as
Certainly after the constant little bits of snow and frozen I have had enough of winter totally for this time.

Creative wise, it has been quite a active month in several ways.

First of all, probably in March viva bandcamp a series of old recordings (I think around the 2010 mark) with one brand new recording will be released as a free download of me with a ambient band called Poortosh. Hopefully over Easter – I will start work on some other tracks with it as I have a better studio set up now.

Also, my work with Amanda Silbernagel although currently quiet (Amanda is
Busy with her studies). When she finishes for half time probably next month, am hopeful we will be able to crack on further with this and get a EP on the way fairly soon (ish).

My main band ‘A Means to an End’ finally made it back to the stage at the beginning of the month when we did a 15 minute set at Guitar and Verse in Manchester which can be seen here.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4z7d28xTXQ

(Next stop for the band will be doing a set in April for a night called Words V Music)

I haven’t done anything performance wise by myself this year now (solo poetry).

Didn’t end up going to Write out Loud, Stockport last month but I will be back there on 11/03/2013 with at least three new poems with me (one of which I am currently still working on).

After that, I will be performing in Tyldesley at a night called ‘Performance’ on Friday 22 March 2013 where I’ll be doing probably 15 minutes or so of poetry and I am hoping my band will also be there to sneak in a few songs. (Not decided on the setlist yet).

Writing wise, I have managed to write a few poems this year including ‘tracing planes’ which will be debuted shortly with A Means to an End and a major rewrite of a old Words and Music (my first band) called ‘The one that got away’ is with the guys and I am hoping will be finished with the guys over the next month / three whenever. Hopefully both of these will be in A Means to an End book two (Out next year I think).

I am still progressing work slowly on my next poetry book ‘the end of summer’. I did a test print of the book at the end of last year which had 28 poems listed for it and since then, I’ve now added another two, maybe three for it and have a few ideas for a few others in my head besides wanting to do a bit of re-editing to it (in particular one called ‘Open Door Closed’ which looks almost completely different and has been submitted to Best of Bolton 2013).

I’ve also just had a pretty successful writing workshop for the workshop I co run with Manda Lee, Writers of the third kind last week which produced drafts of 4 poems, 3 of which are likely to appear in either Love Songs for Cathy V or maybe The End of Summer with a nice comical one which I will hold back for a comedy book maybe in the future. Next workshop is 27/03/2013 @ the Sweet Green tavern near Bolton train station from 7pm.
All welcome as normal and as normal there will be no admission!

Publishing wise, two poems have been accepted for publication. One in a publication called ‘County of last things’ who at the end of March will be publishing ‘The End of Summer IV’ and in April I think, Puppywolf Press will also be publishing a new poem called ‘Bodies in open tombs’ for their annual Best of Manchester Poets Volume 3 (Will hopefully be at their launch).

As soon as I get more news with confirmed dates etc, I will of course be attending but don’t forgot in the meantime, Guitar and Verse a week tomorrow (7th March 2013) headlined by the excellent Shaun Hunter's Quiet Rebellion with a poetry slot from Indigo at Gulliver’s, Manchester.