Saturday, 4 August 2018

Birth of Autumn

In my last post, I talked about the reprint as a kindle of my second full-length poetry collection 'The End of Summer'. Now I am delighted to announce that my third full-length poetry collection 'The Birth of Autumn' will now be out on the 1st September 2018.

Composed over a near two year period, The Birth of Autumn is as much a sequel to The End of Summer but as much a look over the gate at what comes next instead of looking back at days gone past rooting itself in the exhilaration and the melancholy in the change of season that follows Summer.

Comprising pieces that cover the change in season with a tenderness and stories carried across the change  in seasons, The Birth of Autumn follows on from The End of Summer as a further exploration of life as well as the change of rural and agricultural rhythms of Autumn all wrapped in a whirl of emotions that follows at the end of one season that follows into the next. The Birth of Autumn is a book lost in shadows as the skies begin to darken slowly but also brings back beauty into your emotions, adventures into feelings and the leaves on the floor into a miraculously vibrant colour.

Interlinked with pictures and photographs from Ben Holton (Epic 45 / My Autumn Empire), Jessica Owen (Northern Scapes), Mark Sheeky, Andy P Smith and Linda Nicholson, 
The Birth of Autumn is more than a book but an emotion when everything bursts into a huge beauty, as if nature had been saving up for a great finale.

Paperback details to follow for the book but a pre order for as a kindle can be purchased here

Promotional PDFS are available if requested.