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Week Commencing 04/07/2011

Week Commencing 04/07/2011

Phew – that was a hot week-end certainly… Ended up doing another gig with my band ‘A Means to an End’ last night at Kro Bar on Manchester Oxford Road, and phew it was hot – was melting in there afterwards I must admit.

However, I was really pleased with it as it was supporting a really good band called The Sentimentalists who was really good and well worth checking out. We did 8 your knitting @ Manchester City Library, Deansgate, Manchester (UK). I’m the second poet on here I believe and will be reading a few more established poems here with some at least one brand new one called ‘Dying Slowly’.

Thursday – it’s off as I stated before to Butterflies Bar in Bolton for Guitar and Verse where a good friend of mine, Avital is headlining supported by a very good poet called Steve Garside. I think my band will play ‘Leaving Belfast’ again as it’s still coming together a bit this piece, and as I hinted before – I will be reading somewhere new which I am still working on.

In other news, the book in mind also called ‘A Means to an End’ is now looking pretty good as I have got the poems in from Jeff, 19 of them I think which comes in at maybe 22 pages, while currently I have 11 completed and a 12th in mind which is a little longer which will be a little bit longer, maybe 24 pages or so. I believe we are going in the recording studio also in a few weeks time too to begin work on recording a EP or an album too, all in readiness for October where we will be doing a short tour also.

Songs or so supporting them and lasted for perhaps 30 – 35 minutes supporting them out (Did a set list off – 1) Memories of Moss Side, 2) Decades, 3) Ever Wondered?, 4) Ghosts of Manchester Victoria, 5) Leaving Belfast, 6) A Coin in the Fountain, 7) Genocide and 8) Percy).

This week is a quite a busy one again where tonight – I will be scribbling down a poem for reading out at Guitar and Verse on Thursday – no hints yet what folks yet – lol, but Tuesday – it’s band rehearsals time for me and Jeff – big news there next week too I hope, before on Wednesday I am doing a short poetry set at Poetica – bring your knitting

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