Thursday, 18 August 2011

My hometown (New Poem)

You used to tell me
You only loved my town
When it poured it down.

You used to tell me
You used to love
Counting all the drops
That would dangle
Off my roof
Once it stopped
Like it had a mind
Of it’s own.

You used to love looking
At leafs clinging
Onto the old tree in my garden 
And count their lines
Like veins on hands
Which also dripped off
The nearby bus shelter
Over people’s hats.

You loved the black clouds
That hovered by the airport  
Like portals of doom
And people running 
Down the tunnels from the planes
As the rain show down at them
With a vicious push.

A vicious push,
Right up until you were gone 
And the rain 
Carried on saluting puzzled
As I was left
To march back home
Leaving me feeling
Like I had just kissed chaos.

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