Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Latest News as of 25th January 2012.

Latest News in bite sized chunks..

‘A Means to an End’
Next gig pencilled in for ‘Light in the Dark’ @ Sand Bar, Oxford Road on Weds 22/02/2012. If all goes to plan – should be a 20 – 30 minute set and we are hoping to debut several new pieces.
Future gigs are lined up for Beaitfixation 16th April 2012 and Open Mind in May 2012.

Studio recordings have have hit another delay. Hoping to start recording again in February.

With me working again full time., not had as much time (aside from a few submissions)
And the ongoing of the writing workshop I co-run with Amanda Speakman every month in Bolton
‘Writers of the third kind’. The first few workshops have gone great guns and I feel are starting
To settle down into a good groove.

I have carried on with regular going to Write Out Loud – Stockport @ Stockport Art Gallery on the second Monday of each month which has proved very helpful in the road testing of brand new material when they develop and have been assisting Jeffarama on Write Out Loud, Bolton on
Most occasions it is running (May not be around for March however the next one).

I have just had a booking in for Write Out Loud – Middleton in July too (More details to follow).

‘Project with Amanda Silbernagel’.
A week or so, Amanda kindly uploaded our most recent track ‘Battery Cage’ which I really,
Really enjoyed doing – probably my favourite of the tracks so far. I have another track to
Finish mastering – when that is done and it should be done shortly, that will be ready for
Uploading and Amanda has kindly sent me over vocals for three more pieces, and there is also in
The pipeline another remix on the way for Good Weather for an airstrike (Maybe two)
With Amanda.

‘Co writing play with Rob Goodier’
Rob at the moment is rewriting the ending of the play, and while I wait for him I am re-working
The part of the play he has kindly emailed over to me. Current plan is to do something with this
Maybe next year for the Not Part off Festival.

‘Co writing poetry with Kealan Coady’
Temporary a bit quiet, but awaiting confirmation from Kealan what is going to happen next.

More to follow folks soon as normal.

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