Saturday, 6 October 2012

Migration (New Poem)

The flat near Longford Park
Is still a huge mystery
And got demolished shortly
After you moved.

You don’t remember much
About Moss Lane East
Apart from that one winter there
When the boiler kept breaking down
Reducing the window
To floods of tears.

You only remember
That first spring at Barton road
When your football shot
Smacked your sister that hard
In the face
It left that much blood
On the pavement
Your mother must have used
Twenty buckets of water
To wash it out.

By the time your brother arrived
You had moved a little up the road
And within a week of moving in
Ended up going to your nana’s funeral
And didn’t shed a tear during it
But didn’t stop during the wake.

Ripon Road where two of your cats
Are buried, is less happy
As is that flat on Fountains Road
Where you lived temporary
Before mould became
A permanent, unwelcome guest.

Chatsworth Road
Where you lived into your 20’s
And beyond
Is painted with much
Happier, wider brush strokes
Even though it was opposite
Your old high school
That also expelled your brother.

Now of course
You live in a different town
With memories
Like sails in the mist
Bleeding over the sunset,

Etched in the past
Like closed factories

Windswept in a wordless language.

(Inspired by Paul Auster's Winter Journal)

1 comment:

  1. Love this imagery:

    Reducing the window
    To floods of tears.