Wednesday, 21 November 2012

latest news and views 21st November 2012

Hi all;

Hope you are all enjoying this sink into Winter.

Not a great deal going for me at the moment as most of my spare time outside work is getting ready for Christmas really with Cathy and my family, but some little bits of news in bite sized chunks:

1)     At the end of October @ Acoustic Wednesdays in Manchester. Me, Jeff and Petrova aka A Means to an End played our last gig for the foreseeable future there, debuting two new songs ‘Dead to me’ and ‘Return to Kemptown’ and loads of our old classics (Links to follow) and had a great time in a respectful, quiet night. Will defo want to play there again in the new year. A new gig is pencilled in for March 2013 at Open Mind and I guess we’ll squeeze something else before that too.

2)     I did Guitar and verse in November replaying a old poem ‘Ghosts of Manchester Victoria’ and with pre programmed musical backing ‘Kemptown’ (2012 Mix) (Links to follow also) and also debuted again ‘Migration’ to Write Out Loud, Stockport a few weeks later again.

3)     I have also carried (sadly without Amanda this month) at my writing workshop ‘Writers of the third kind’ and am making plans for that as I type also for next year. (Watch this space).

4)     Sadly as some of you already now, my charity book I am going to run with my partner, Cathy ‘Unique, Driven and Determined’ has hit big problems with one of the charities we were going to support has now finished off and the other is up in the air too. Cathy is going to think over Christmas about what to do and hopefully after Christmas, maybe February time we can start planning for what we can do next.

5)     My next poetry collection ‘The End of Summer’ (and maybe last full length) is coming together slowly. I currently have I think 43 or so possible poems towards it. When I have a few more, I can then getting the best of them together for it.

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