Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New videos of Poetry Performance between May 2013 - June 2013

Dear all;

Here are a selection of videos with the occasional song of acts I have seen in performance throughout May and June 2013. 


Andy N 

Guitar and Verse May 2013

Petrova Fairhurst – Regret

Petrova Fairhurst –The Legend of the Willow Wight 

Petrova Fairhust – The Changling 

Petrova Fairhurst with Andrew Blott – Forsooth! 

The nearly dead poets – unwelcome in the welcome 

Lauren Coulson – leaving home

Arthur Chappell – bite

Deslexic – I await the day

Gordon Zola – autumn leaves 

Joe – the ballad of joyce carney aged 38 

Blue Zen – Sea Clearly

Blue Zen – drifting

Blue Zen – broken glass

Andy N – Final Poem

Andy N – Edge of the world with Billy Mackenzie 

Bury Hospice Charity Gig May 2013, Radcliffe.

Jeffarama! 2013 unlucky for some 

Jeffarama! Appointment with fear

Jeffarama! Brief Encounters

Jeffarama! Ever Wondered

Jeffarama! Ghosts of Rivington Moor

Jeffarama! It just ain’t gonna happen

Jeffarama! There has to be hope!

Manda Lee – Life moves on

Manda Lee – split personality

Martin Bailey – various

Rob Goodier – a actors life

Rob Goodier – pin number to the world

Joe Kozarzewski – I believe in fariries

Joe Kozarzewski – Rochdale

Andy N – Longford theatre

Andy N – Yesterday

Andy N – Open Door Closed

Andy N – Conversation on the train

Andy N – Ghosts of Manchester Victoria

Andy N – Hope

Live Wordology, Manchester, May 2013 

Anna Percy (Complete Set)

Jeffarama! (Complete Set)

Andy N – Fathers

Andy N – kissing my every absence

Andy N – The day Nicolae Ceausescu Died 

Andy N – the ghost of Liverpool Empire

Andy N - The End of Summer

Live Guitar and Verse, June 2013

Alvin Sawdust

Arthur Chappell

Baz Schofield


Jeffarama! – we shouldn’t meet at funerals

Lee Moore


Meshach R Brencher

Mike Wilson

P.R. McDowell

Andy N – The day Nicolae Ceausescu Died 

Paul Davies aka Ukepunk  

Rob Goodier

Road to Nowhere

Get it On

A Means to an End - Up on the Roof

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