Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Poetry Writing Ebook opportunity


Writing to me always have a incorrect myth about it where it portraited as a solitary existence where a writer will spend a lot of his time sat alone scribbling and often re-scribbling in a little, tiny room until hopefully something good comes from it.

As a writer myself, although I have done this on occasion, usually a lot of my writing comes from the noise around me when I am usually rushing from Point A to Point B who are often indirectly working on a piece with me often without even knowing it.

My first book ‘Return to Kemptown’ was of course wrote in this method, as will be my second full length book ‘The End of Summer’ which’ll be done in either 2014 or 2015 (It’s getting there I can reveal but not quite) but working on the A Means to an End book with Jeff Dawson (Jeffarama!) was a experience which I can recommend to anybody trying to find pieces that work together and in more than a few occasions within the book physically ghost writing each others pieces.

There will be a second A Means to an End book in due course perhaps next year with the third member of A Means to an End Petrova on board but starting in possible prep for that, me and Jeff started writing a few sequences together fairly recently on pieces where we would be bouncing segments off each, understanding each other skills and experiences until something completely different came from it.

Out of the blue after we had completed our third sequence, a young writer called P.R. McDowell approached me about co-writing a piece which eventually became a epic poem called ‘Twisted Promise’ which will appear in his upcoming book which will he be self publishing  later on this year, where night after night for a good month and a half, we were bouncing stanzas off each other constantly and then when we had finished re-editing it, it became apparent that there was something to be said for these jointly wrote poems, or duets as I like to call them and perhaps should be collected in a little e-book.

Henceforth this blog.

Although this will be a long term project and currently has a sequence with Jeff called ‘The Death of Summer’ for it as with P.R.’s poem, (and several other poems in the pipevine), there is lots of space available for anybody else who is interested in having a jam.

My writing can of course be read on here blog is of course but some of my other poems can be found at

Why not have a peek and let me know what you think and we can play it from there.

Andy N ( 

Poetry completed with so far (as of 13/07/2013)

Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!)
Le Vampire
Robert Goodier
Amy Houston
P.R. Mcdowell 

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