Sunday, 30 March 2014

New Publication / Publishing Opportunity

As several samples previously blogged.. 

 ( Counting to Ten,


( Prisoners of War and


( - Prisoners of War II)


my new collection ‘Europa - In The Dark Valley Between The World Wars (co wrote with Nick Armbrister) has now been published viva on (

With amazon status and ebay status etc to follow or directly through myself viva my email address –

For £5.


Next up, as part of NaPoWriMo  (National Poetry Writing Month - I have created a  NaPoWriMo blog for this year which can be read at with a difference where the blog will contain (hopefully) 30 poems connected into the same story called ‘Ghost Story’ which will be about a meet up with a man called Andy and a young lady called Michelle who is not quite what she seems.


The difference with this story, as each poem is released on a daily basis is I am encountering people to send in poems linked in within the world of the story or other ghost stories / poems.


Email me on for more details.

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