Saturday, 8 November 2014

Selected Films

Partly through re-organisation of old films, I have started uncovering old films I have started in over the years.

More to come, but here are the first three:

Come and Go (Samuel Beckett), 2000. 

The Oldest out of the footage, this was done I think at the end of the second year at University by the look of things and was a somewhat ghost like, experimental attempt at a very short Samuel Beckett play reflecting the difference between Childhood and Adulthood and hope things change backwards and forwards in a circle.

My night with the Vampire, 2001.

A short film done in 2001 by Chi Fai Lo and rewrote partly by myself with musical score on it (incorrectly listed as Andrew Noichas). This was a hard shoot, as the Director didn't make life easy but I love the edits and improvements on it, and love the first and last scenes in particular.

Poets and Pasties Documentary, 2008

Fast forward some years, and after leaving university, and I go onto the poetry circuit in Manchester and eventually end up co setting up and running 'Poets and..' an poetry and music open mike night in Bolton which ran until 2010. This footage was shot by three MMU students who wanted to come down and shoot the first night for a MMU project. In a lot of ways, it kinda summed up the way all of those nights went.

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