Saturday, 24 January 2015

Angel Meadow Documentary

According to Wikipedia ‘Angel Meadow’ is a public park to the immediate northeast of Manchester city centre, in North West England. Located on a slope between the River Irk and Rochdale Road occupies an area of 7.4 acres (3 ha), but features in the formative history of Manchester. It was once an affluent suburb of Manchester, until the 19th-century Industrial Revolution altered the social standing of the area and introduced poverty and disease. Regeneration of the park in the 2000s has however modified the area and created a gateway into the Irk Valley.

 i used to work for the co-operative just around the corner from here from 2006 to 2011, and it wasn't until just before i left there that i found out about Angel Meadow through the writing of a old poem 'Detective Novel' ( It's always a topic I've wanted to write about in a poem - perhaps someday I will but this little documentary is well worth watching ( as with the Peterloo Massacre, ( this wasn't that far back in history and it should never be forgotten in how bad conditions people had to live in not that long ago.

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