Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The End of Summer book now out!

The End of Summer, the second full length book by Andy N (Author of ‘Return to Kemptown and ‘A means to an End’ with Jeff Dawson and ‘Europa’ with Nick Ambrister) was wrote over a near four year period from 2011 to 2015.

Originally started to show how the writer was dealing with a newly diagnosed major change in health, the book developed over time to talk about the change in season, in this case from the end of Summer into the beginning of Autumn, mirroring much more than just a change but an emotion that overcomes us all at major turning points in our lives.

Told often in taunt, short little pieces, the book invites comparisons with the poet Hugo Williams but also shows a love of music through two of the Author’s own favourite music groups with July Skies and Epic 45, which explores the Englishness of the countryside in sparse, echoing brush-strokes which often need more than one read to breath the images he portraits.

With an Introduction by noted American writer, Amanda Silbernagel. ‘The End of Summer’ is a book that tunnels into memories creating new emotions at the end of it.

A few words said about Andy N’s previous work:


Andy N writes with the power to deliver right across your doorstep

Leanne Moden

Mystery Story' guides the reader through richly atmospheric places. Andy reveals the stories hidden in landscapes as familiar as the dockyards, a wintry lake and the 7.39 train, discovering the depths that they conceal.

Yvonne Reddick

Andy N romances the reader, even his words about war, poverty or suffering are gentle on the ear. A gentle raging that fills each story, that poetry was made for. Poems that sing to you, up close, intimate. Please excuse him, his intentions are purely human."

John G.Hall

Bewitched and bewitching, Mystery Story is a poetic scale model of a haunted house – a model composed of words instead of plexiglass, images instead cardboard. Though the house may be small, it is masterfully built, rich in detail, and replete with surprising twists and turns. It is the home of dancing apparitions and mysterious dancers, ghosts of lovers and lovers of ghosts, 'blown out streetlights // Breathing in and out slowly', 'shadows // Entombed in splintered ice.' A must-read. Praise to Andy N for delivering yet another 'portal // Of forgotten bed stories.…Crying for a way out // In broken poetry.” '"

 The book can be brought directly from Andy N ( £5 plus £1 P & P (E books free).

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