Sunday, 23 October 2016

Summer will rise again

Two short poems from my recently released book 'the end of summer' (
Summer will come again
and the rain will stop spraying
the air like spilled pepper.
Leaves will stop crunching on the floor
and sleet will stop reducing
your shoes to tears.
The wind still stop slamming
shut your back door
and poppies will stop dancing
in the wind.
The mood will soften before
totally changing
and the blood in the sky
will change to a different texture,
Stripping away
the mistakes of the past.

There is no summer left
like a seaside shop on reduced hours
with one eye on the horizon.
No more summer
with the heavens thumping themselves
together trying to wake the sun up.
No more summer
and no more blue whispers in the sky
wanting to keep on dancing.
No more summer
pressed up to your nose
whispering I love you in your ears,
Or a gate which had been
swinging open
which now shatters like glass.  

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