Thursday, 11 November 2010

latest news - week commencing 7th November 2010

Dear all;

Thankfully after last week, this week is a lot quieter.

Monday just gone – I was over at a Write Out Loud event at Stockport 
Art Gallery.

I like this night as it is a very quiet night which is ideal for test running
new material and reading old material which you may have
not read for a while.

In this case, I read out two old poems about Christmas and
then a very old and somewhat cheesy Valentines Poem, all
of which were very well received and gave me some
ideas for two future pieces. 

Tuesday was the latest rehearsal for my new band
‘A Means to a end’, which is starting to take shape
slowly but surely. A second vocalist from my previous
band Wordmusic which is now on hold, Lucy is going to
come and join us (I think) for this which should be fun
as the songs I think are starting to come together
nicely, and I am hoping shortly to be able to start road
testing this shortly with gigs.

Interestingly enough as Wordmusic grinded to a hold,
I started writing a lot different material to the
Wordmusic – pieces such as ‘Eternal Prayer’
which is about Ian Curtis from Joy Division and
‘Tunnel 3’ which is about the ghost like underground
former government bunker that is the Drakelow
tunnels, which are not really suitable for Wordmusic 
pieces, so it’s a natural evolution I guess (although I hope 
Wordmusic may re-surface next year). 

Wednesday should have been the T.A.A. gig as mentioned
previously, but that got cancelled so I stayed in and worked 
on a new piece as well as doing the audio transcribing 
from the rehearsal on Tuesday, and then watched 
the Manchester City  vs Manchester United Derby. 

You may know I am  a Manchester City by nature 
although not as crazy as some, but let’s just say this was 
a rubbish match which did neither team any real favors.

Tonight (Thursday) I am going to crack on a bit with 
my writing, but I do have some telly watching to caught 
up on from the previous night and there is a new poetry 
magazine I want to submit to also.

Week-end aside from seeing my lovely other half is 
going to be that dreaded beast, starting properly for 
Christmas shopping. This year I have decided already, 
I am going to do most of it over Amazon or ebay as it 
is too much stress running around the shops for me – lol. 

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