Thursday, 18 November 2010

Poetry and general news - Week commencing - 15/11/2010

This week has been a little quieter certainly than perhaps
it would have normally partly down to the fact band rehearsals
was off this Tuesday as my guitarist Jeff was over in Germany
away on holiday, and I couldn’t go down to the writing discussion
group ‘Poetica’ that I sometimes go to.

So instead, Monday and Tuesday were spent at home writing complaints
to (my ex mobile phone people) over a bill which I was
charged for which I was not convinced they claimed I owned (long story
which is not really a writing related story), so instead I did a
little bit of writing (Have a few new poems on the go which may
touch on the theme of Space and have a few political poems
ready for sending off to a new political magazine).

I also did some research and came across a new night
Waterstones in Manchester,Deansgate (UK) are running monthly
I believe called ‘Unannounced’ which looks like a jam / open mike
night which could be fun checking out the first one on Saturday
27th November at 6pm. After speaking to my other half, Cathy –
it’s likely we are going to head down there but will keep you informed.

Another night I am going to research is Folk threads, which is a
night been held at the Briton’s Protection pub in Manchester on
Friday 10th December. I know the Brits from tons of wild, experimental
gigs over the years and I have heard of a story telling night there
(whether this is the same one however I don’t know) but here is what
they have to say for themselves

WINTER THEMED NIGHT. I wonder if you may be able to help.
This is just to let you know about a night called FOLK THREADS-
A themed folk music and spoken word night. December's theme is WINTER.
It will start at 8pm on Friday 10th December, upstairs at
the Briton's Protection pub in Manchester. All performers are
welcome, but it might be worth emailing me with your song
ideas: If you have written an
original song or spoken word piece around the theme of Winter
feel free to turn up and perform it here. All ages and abilities
welcome, or just come and listen’

I have also signed up for performing at Pass on a Poem at
Manchester City Library on Deansgate on 8th December 2010.

Pass on a Poem is a short show where people are encouraged
to read other people’s poetry that are published. I have noticed
from previous one’s where people have turned up and read out
other people’s poetry that are their friends to P.R.
their book which is a little annoying I think, but the one I was
at that didn’t happen.

Current plan for me with this one is to read Paul Cealan’s
poem from the 1940’s ‘Winter’ which is an incredibly harrowing piece.

Have also been discussing posting some adverts for
my newish band ‘An means to a end’ around as although things
are developing nicely – my guitarist Jeffarama I think would
like some extra support on keyboards and / or maybe guitar.
Anybody interested of course – please let me know through
my email address but I’ll post on here the links to any ads when they are up.

Wednesday, I did a gig at the Buffet Bar which is a pub called Stalybridge
train Station. At date of typing this on the Thursday, I have got to be honest
and it was a bitterly cold night, possibly too cold for trudging all the way down
there but the night was fine and I enjoyed doing it.

The night was ran by a lady called Ornella, who is of Italian descent and while
it did come across as a middle aged mother’s group; I did get to read out 7 poems
there (somewhere around 15 minutes) of the following pieces:

1) Buxton to Manchester
2) Perfect Place
3) 12 days after Christmas
4) Modern Day Cleopatra
5) Love
6) Send in the clowns
7) Anymnous Valentine Card

Thursday and Friday now will be nights where I will try to crack on with my writing
and discuss some other projects which are under discussion (including several more
gigs in the new year for my band An means to a end and some more solo projects)
which will be revealed in due course before I see Cathy again at the week-end.

All in all, a quieter week but with these colder nights coming in thick
and fast – perhaps a good job.

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