Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Latest News and Views - Week Commencing 14th Feb 2011

Dear all;

Sorry for the lateness in this week’s posting, but I got a little busier
than I expected in the beginning of the week and never really
caught up with myself then.

But anyway to business, I have already been to two nights (Sunday
and Monday) both Write Out Loud related nights in Bolton and Stockport.

The Bolton one was ran by my good friend and guitarist in my band,
Jeffarama who even persuaded me to go and do some MCing for him
(which I had done twice before over the past few years but never
really felt comfortable doing), and had a really top time doing.

The art that Jeff is developing so, so well at  W.O.L. Bolton
is the encouraging factor for all ages and all ability.

In some ways, it reminded me of the way ‘Freed Up Poets’ in
Manchester back in 2008  when I first started going as you didn’t
know what was going to happen from performer to performer.

All in all, here there were 19 performers here and I think 32
or 33 in the audience in total and for a small bar like Butterflies
in Bolton, that is good going.

I myself read ‘Memories of Moss Side (1981) with Jeffarama
which is our latest piece about my memories of the Moss Side
and then ‘Before the Curtains Open’ complete with cuddly toy

Monday, I went over to W.O.L. Stockport. Stockport in total
contrast to Bolton is a lot, lot quieter and I think attracts maybe
12 people or so (It got 14 I think that night) and is read around
in a circle.

It wasn’t anywhere near as good as W.O.L. Bolton to put it
honestly as I am not convinced the standard of writing is
anywhere near as good, but I enjoyed road testing two brand
new pieces there ‘Peterloo’ which is about a massacre in the
centre of Manchester in 1819 (
and another new one about witnesses to a murder called ‘Witness’.
bit of early days for both of these to decide what happens
next with them, but if they go well in rehearsal next few weeks
they may appear on other nights either with my band or solo.

No plans for any more performances now until Guitars and Verse
in March, but I will be active doing other stuff next week too
(More news to come).

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