Monday, 21 February 2011

Latest News and Views - 21st February 2011

Dear all;

Last week ended up been a bit of a damp quid for me as I went down with
A throat bug and cold that my little nephew has got, and resulted in me
Going off sick which wasn’t very pleasant at the end of the week.

This week as I am not 100% better – I don’t think there will be a lot happening
But I am certainly looking forward to band rehearsals on Tuesday with Jeff
As I am going to try out a possible Keyboard piece with him for future band
Work (Watch this space) and also carrying on work on our latest band 
Piece ‘Before the Curtains Open’.

I am also chairing a writing discussion group on Wednesday night called
‘Poetica’ on Wednesday night at Manchester City Library on Deansgate
In Manchester. I’ve been going to Poetica more off than on nowadays I will 
admit, but I used to go regular certainly from the Middle of 2007 to 
last year, but it can prove a helpful poetry discussion group for writers 
with their work.

Anyway, it starts at 6.30pm and will run onto around 8.00pm or something
So I believe.

Friday this week although I won’t be attending is ‘Friday Night Live’
With my guitarist and partner in Half Evil Promotions, Jeffarama
Over at Butterflies in Bolton fronted by the wonderful Second Hand
Wings who were last time I saw them a three piece female led group
Who really are well worth checking out.

Next Week however will be Guitars and Verse which’ll be fun
As always.

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