Friday, 15 April 2011

Week Commencing 11/03/2011

Dear all;

What a week-end last week-end with the weather.
Ended up walking on Chorlton Meadows yesterday with
my friend, Ray and what a beautiful, beautiful day it was. Perfect
for walking although I didn’t get anything done creative done (lol).

This week we are on now – I first of all went to W.O.L. Stockport
where I gave debut readings to two new pieces ‘Up on the Roof (Strangeways)
and ‘Stealing Beauity’ both of which I was quite happy with and should be making
appearances at other readings afterwards in particular ‘Up on the Roof (Strangeways).

Tuesday I was off from work and will be spending most of it at Cathy’s
sorting out last minute things for the forthcoming charity do this Saturday
coming (Unique, driven, determined for which tickets are still available
From us)

Ditto for Wednesday and Thursday night and on Friday I will be at my
Lucy's 21st bash and then Saturday will be the Charity bash Show which
I'll blog separate soon.

Other news, I am still plodding away with my second poetry book ‘Detective
Novel’. I typed up 20 possible poems for it last week which came to around
48 or 49 pages. I am going to want to have another 10 possibles at least I guess
for it before I make a final selection from it and all things been well – I hope
it’ll be ready for September or October.

From next week, will be focusing a lot more on A Means to an End too as
We have a good gig coming up in Chorlton and I want us to be really ready for
It and then other stuff to follow up (Chance of something came up last night
For something at Stockport Art Gallery).

A possible gig has also arose in Stockport Art Gallery at some point from
End of June to beginning of August too and I am toying round with putting my
Name down for Freed Up Poets next week too since I will be chairing a poetry
Discussion group too.

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