Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Week Commencing 18th April 2011

Another gloomy, cool Monday I see but it’s good after
It got stupidly hot in my back garden yesterday afternoon
(40 odd degrees which is mad) which probably explains
Why too I came back from Dukingfield rather warm.

Otherwise, ‘Unique, Driven and Determined’ as you may have
seen happened this Saturday just gone and was rather a busy
night which sadly trickled off towards the end of the night
but still resulted in us raising a fair bit of money with more
money to come in which should give us a nice amount of
money to spread among the three charities.

Hopefully in another few weeks, we should be able to
reveal the final figure but speaking from a personal angle,
I am pleased with what we raised.

This week is going to be a busy one I think certainly,
as tonight I have to pop over to Dukingfield with some
additional money that has come in (We are still expecting
donations for it – cheques can be addressed to unique,
driven and determined or send to paypal viva me).

Tuesday will be band rehearsals where I am hoping to
Get chance to hear a possible new keyboardist in action.

Wednesday as it stands, I should be having tea at my
friend Olga’s and then Thursday I will be chairing ‘Poetica’
a excellent writing discussion group in the centre of Manchester
City Library and then I am going to head over to Freed Up Poets @
the Green Room, Manchester.

Anybody who has heard the sad news about funding getting
withdrawn to Manchester’s ‘The Green Room’ may well
want to attend this Freed Up and the last one at the Green Room
in May, just to show that people still support ‘The Green Room’
as it’s been a hotbed of the best alternative theatre for over 25
years for me in Manchester and to get it’s funding withdrawn
totally is very, very sad news and is a big show of the times
when things like ‘Manchester International Festival’s funding
gets trebled.

Lastly, then when it is bank holiday week-end I am hoping to
finally get chance to totally chill and crack on with my second
book (I sorted out a folder last night and discovered I had tons
of incomplete poems or draft poems which are possibles
for the book). Either way, a launch for September or October
is looking very, very possible this year. 

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