Sunday, 26 June 2011

Latest Views and News - Week Commencing 26th June 2011

Bloody hell - it's been a hot day today and me and
Jeff and the girls complete with Jeff's mate, Des above
went to Brahmall Music Festival near Stockport and had
a really good time, but it was hot, hot, hot.

Me and Jeff did a 22 minute set which we enjoyed comprising
of six of our pieces 'A Coin in the Fountain', 'Ever Wondered?',
'Decades', 'Ghosts of Manchester Victoria', 'Leaving Belfast'
and 'Percy' and it went down fairly well I felt as we were backed
by a really good sound desk etc.

Also last week we did a shorter set at Open Mind, at an outlet
on Dale Street.. We did four pieces - 'A Coin...', 'Ever Wondered',
'Leaving Belfast' and 'Percy' which I think which wasn't perhaps
as good if I am honest because of the mike a bit, but the audience
still seemed to like us which is a plus i guess.

I've nothing planned this week coming actually which maybe a good
thing with the weather forthcoming been so hot, but we are down as
a band to support a few bands next Sunday at Kro Bar at 8pm
or something for half a hour or so which'll be nice and if we can
hold it together be serious stuff - lol.

Keep you informed nearer the time of course.

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