Thursday, 8 September 2011

Latest news - 8th September 2011





Dear all;

the timing of these updates has been off and on for which I am sorry,
but there is a lot going in work at the moment.

Some more bullet point updates on news anyhow..

1) A Means to an End should be recording a demo now at
the beginning of October once our Didsbury Arts Festival gig
is complete.

2) I've recieved a rough draft book in the post from
for which I am delighted with the end results. However, it will
need some slight amends and then by the end of September, we
should have the final copies done.

3) Don't forget A Means to an End are due to play Didsbury
Arts Festival on Monday 26th September - (more details here
at Sanctuary Bar in Didsbury. The event is due to
start at 9pm and will run for maybe a hour and a half.
Admission is free.

4) The week before, Jeff my partner in a Means to an End
will be running his new bi-monthly event at Write Out Loud
in Bolton a new location, The Wellington on 51, Bury New Road,
Bolton with a special slot from Anna Mcrory to do a special
guest slot. Doors open at 7pm, for the show to start an earlier time
of 7.30pm. More details here

5) After that, Guitar and Verse, the event I co-help Jeff run
is moving sticks for the next few months to Salford's legendary
pub 'The Crescent' which although I am sorry to leave
Butterflies Bar in Bolton, it'll be nice to move for a few months
at least. Next event is October 7th and will feature an excellent
band called The Vanity project headlining with a featured poet
Indigo from the Open Mind Collective doing a support slot.
I will pop down to read out a few poems here.

6) Just after that, I believe we are doing a set at Paradox,
a monthly night in Withington on 8th October 2011 (I will
confirm this shortly).

7) As can be seen here, I've also recently helped Rob Goodier,
a poet on the Bolton Circuit (UK) publish his second book 'Open
Door Closed' which is his follow up book to a collection which
I currently forget it's name from some years back. It's a good
collection and one which I will be doing a full in depth review
on shortly.

8) I've just taken onboard the publishing of another collection,
'The Hour of the Wolf' by Gary Morris. Gary was a dear friend
of mine who I first met at a writing group I used to go to '24
hour arty people' many years ago, and from which me, him
and his partner, Amanda formed 'Trio Writers' which ran until
his untimely passing in 2010. With permission of his partner,
Amanda - I am going to take onboard the publication of his
book - selected from an large archive. More details to follow
as and when etc.

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