Tuesday, 13 September 2011

My story about Alex Humphrey

Alex Humphrey is a poet friend of mine who has sadly been missing in Panoma
Since August 2009.

On the Find Alex Humphrey page on facebook, (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=126108175597) his mother has recently asked people to provide memories of Alex.

This is mine

‘I have a lot of memories of Alex, most too personal or private to really share
But the one that always sticks in my head was a reading at Manchester Muscuem
In September 2008.

The reading was quite a quiet reading all in all, which suited the softer, gentler poems 
I chose to read. Alex followed me straight after reading and after started with
A soft piece then proclaimed he was now going to do a cover version of one 
of his favourite bands and then launched into a totally improvised (at least I think 
to this day it was improvised) version of Bros’s ‘I owe you nothing’ which involved 
him running all over the stage area screaming and jumping all over the floor.

I had seen Alex done this kind of work before, but what makes this stick in 
my head is the simple fact was a gentleman who wasn’t at the reading came 
in from the other side of the cafĂ©, saw Alex running around the place and 
then froze before doing a sharp exit straight back out.

It was that unpredictability I miss the most about Alex. 

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