Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Dear all;

As to be expected things have quietened down somewhat with the rush of Christmas time. All I have really done since I last wrote was go to a few writing workshops which has produced drafts of a few new poems (Some of which may well end up getting blogged around places and a few I’m going to send to magazines).

Poetrywise, after a spell this year when things were a fair bit quieter writing wise has really began with a vengenance after my illness. My next book ‘The End of Summer’ is a reflection of this as to me now I am leaving my 30’s I am leaving the Summer of my life and heading into the beginning of Autumn.

 The Sequence in the book ‘The End of Summer’ is a reflection of this and reflects another change in my writing as much as my split book ‘A Means to an End’. That book which was wrote between February 2010 to July 2011 was mostly about my past and the way different places which have influenced my life. ‘The End of Summer’ is about what comes next and hopefully will be done for the end of next year (I have wrote around 16 poems for this – round about 19 or 20 pages).

As hinted before, there is going to be a Love Songs for Cathy III released towards February 2011 (top secret of course) and I will probably do a merged volume of the three possibly too later in the year.

Otherwise, I have started work on a few possible joint projects which I won’t reveal more about in case they don’t work out etc but I must admit I like working on projects with other people.. I guess because I like the buzz of seeing the way it develops in ways that you wouldn’t have normally expected.

Normal service shall be started up again in the new year with gigs pencilled in for the new year (January and February already).

Have a great Christmas all

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