Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Latest News and Views - Week commencing 7th December 2011

Dear all;

Sorry for the quietness recently folks, but searching for a new job now my job at the Co-Operative has become a full time occuption in itself looking for a new one. 

However, since I last wrote – latest news in bits and pieces:

1) ‘The night cries like a lonely wolf’

The book planned to write with Le Vampire has been delayed somewhat now until 2012.. I hope this will be out Mid 2012 now.

2) ‘Words and Paintings’

My split book with Olga Gerke has now been completed and can be ordered through lulu.com on

The book is somewhat more pricey you may see than my usual books,
But this book contains 16 full colour paintings by Russian painter, Olga Gerke
Which are well worth seeing, believe me.

3) Brief Encounters (Performance Poems 2004 – 2009)

A Draft version of this collection has now been completed. However, this collection will know will be delayed until the middle of 2012 as I am currently out of work, I have time to write more performance based poetry (Have wrote several more
Possibles for this book already).

4) The End of Summer – Unclear whether N Press will publish this collection or whether I should go to another publisher with it but certainly at the moment, there is around 14 or 15 poems wrote for this.. Hopefully by the end of next Summer, I should have more of a idea what is going on with this.

5) Love Songs for Cathy III – this shall be done Mid February 2012. I say no more under fear of death.. lol

Other Projects:

6) A Means to an End – As noted elsewhere the first book came out last month at a book launch and has done fairly well. It is unclear at the moment whether there will be a second volume, but a number of new pieces are under development for the band. After our book launch at Chorlton Arts Festival on 15th November 2011, we followed it with a follow up gig at Bolton Write Out Loud on 20th November and
Light in the Dark on 22th November. Next gig will be for Light in the Dark
Again on 22th February 2012, allowing me time to rest more and write lots more material for the band.

7) Project with Amanda Silbernagel. Things are moving slowly along here as Amanda is busy with studies, but we have completed six pieces together which I am pleased with and I hope to get a 7th piece completed before Christmas and maybe finish the album off in 2012. (Would like to do a tour with Amanda too but unclear yet how this would be possible).

8) I have also started work on a possible play with Rob Goodier and in discussions
with the young Irish writer, Kelean Coady over co-writing some stuff.

9) Writers of the third kind, my ongoing workshop with Amanda Speakman is
going great guns and the third workshop and last for this year will be next week
on 14th December 2011 at the Sweet Green Traven in Bolton from 7pm to 9pm.
Hope to see some of you there.

More to follow of course shortly. 

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