Tuesday, 7 May 2013

videos from guitar and verse, manchester, april and may 2013

Here is video footage from the last two guitar and verse events in April and May 2013 featuring footage of most of the acts:

Guitar and Verse, Manchester, May 2013

(Andy N, Edge of the world with Billy Mackenzie)

(Andy N – Final Poem)

(Blue Zen – Drifting)

(Blue Zen – Broken Glass)

(Blue Zen – Sea Clearly)

(Joe the Ranter – the ballad of Joyce Carney aged 38)

(Gordon Zola – autumn leaves)

(Deslexic – I await the day)

(Arthur Chappell – bite)

(Lauren Coulson – leaving home)

(Lauren Coulson – festival)

(The nearly dead poets – unwelcome in the welcome inn)

(Petrova Fairhurst / Andrew Blott – Forsooth!)

(Petrova Fairhurst – the changling)

(Petrova Fairhurst – the legend of willow wight)

(Petrova Fairhurst – regret)

Guitar and Verse, Manchester April 2013

(A Means to an end – forgotten her0)

(Andy N – forgotten voices of the holocaust)

(Lauren Coulson – untitled)

(Lauren Coulson – from Manchester with love)

(Antonioni – flying over Liverpool)

(Gordon Zola – labour’s in the shite)

(Baz – a boy named Kim)

(Arthur Chappell – sheer naked terror)

(Joe the ranter – I’m proud to be vegan)

(Joe the ranter – Rochdale)

(Tom George – dance with my shadow)

(Tom George – untitled)

(the nearly dead poets and Tom George – Once I’ve been a woman)

(Nick armbister – Joan Jett)

(Nick armbister – only you)

(Nick armbister – epica)

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