Monday, 21 October 2013

Latest News and Views 21/10/2013

1)   The End of Summer…. Second draft of the book is now complete. I have now passed copies over to selected parties for comments before I decide whether to do a third draft or start submitting. Either way, I can’t see this being ready until the start of next year now.

2)   I have now started co writing a poetry book with a young poet called Amy. Work is in the early stages, but there’s currently around 10 or so poems complete and Amy is in the middle of three more pieces. All of the 10 or so pieces are still works in progress, I feel to a degree but Amy has done really well with the material so far and for such a young writer is doing really well.

3)   Work I think is going to start on a piece with P.R. Mcdowell called Twisted Promise II, which will follow on from the original piece.

4)   Probably for 2015, me and a Oldham based (currently) poet called Nick Armbister  have started work on a book of more war based poetry, in my case picking out stories which are perhaps less well known focusing on what war does to people’s lives. I believe Nick has wrote three pieces for this book, while I have just done my second. When I get chance, I will sit down and start research for a third

5)   As blogged early, work is now underway for the annual DIH and friends @ Christmas 2013 album. I have wrote my lyrics for the DIH piece, which may well end up doing a duet with July Skies, but watch this space.

6)   I headlined Write Out Bolton last night and did a good set I felt of mostly stuff from ‘The End of Summer’. However, with the landscape changing in Manchester on the Poetry open mike scene, this will likely be the last one I do for some time now for the rest of this year certainly and maybe beyond until my book is done, and then I may pop out to a few and see the wind blows with things.

7)   A Means to an End played Salford Music Festival at the end of September, which was probably our best gig to date. We are down for a night called Beatification in Mid November (more details to follow) and a charity do in December.

8)  I have been playing round with my midi keyboard a lot at Jeff’s last night and it sounded smashing, so this defo will start getting used more and more in live sets and once we get Jeff’s laptop recording proper, we are going to start recording some EP’s and maybe more.

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