Sunday, 5 January 2014

Jeffarama! - loud n proud book review

The energy of punk music I have looked at as an essential time in music, where in the case of one of my favourite all time acts of all time, Joy Division came by a sudden need to express themselves which went in a totally different direction to what they expected which followed in my own writing and performances. Although I started writing when I was 10 and even went to university (which nearly then put me off), as soon as I hit the stage properly in 2008, a rush overcame me which 5 years later still hasn’t left my heart (even though I am more into page poetry temporary) where you go onto stage and sometimes leave people in fits of applause or tears, the energy of confronting people and say ‘this is me’ is something that all performing poets go through.

Although driven by different demons, Jeffarama author of ‘Loud and Proud’ wouldn’t mind me saying when he started around the same time as me back in 2008, his first performance in Bolton was only likely to be a one off after he had scribbled down some words which became ‘Punk’s not dead’ and kinda took and led him eventually to gathering headline shows all over the North West.

‘Loud and Proud’ his debut full length collection (excluding a split book with myself at the end of 2011), contains 40 or so of his pieces which have become standards up and down his shows from ‘Appointment with Fear’ (about a dodgy dentist appointment) and Manchester Ritz (about the legendary night club) and Don’t which is about his very comedic and funny adventures on the dating scene, these are poems about real life which, although carry across the stage perfectly also jump out of the book perfectly too in a energy that Jeff’s idol John Cooper Clarke would defo be proud off.

Surprisingly also, maybe showing a subtle which I was aware off but not perhaps not as well known is a number of his softer pieces such as Nat of the Wanderers (a tribute to Nat Lofthouse, an legendary Bolton Wanderers player_ and Cotton town, a tribute to his late mother which add a different level to this book.

I believe Jeff is going to be recording a CD this year to go with the book which will feature some new stuff (wrote since the book was completed) which will add a nice footnote to the book, but to quote Tony Walsh, one of Manchester best Poet’s ‘it’s 45 Rpms all the way with this guy’, certainly not 33rpms on this stirring, yearning book which is well worth £5 of your time.

More details including ordering - please go to or email him direct on

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