Sunday, 19 January 2014

latests news - 18 January 2014

Sorry for the delay with updates, folks. Sadly after an excellent Christmas with my folks, I got a bad chest infection and a few weeks later I still haven’t shifted the thing, which has proved very annoying. Here are some notes anyhow (even though some of these are more plans than anything else)

Writers of the third kind – the workshop is scheduled for 29/01/2014 @ the sweet green tavern in Bolton from 7pm. All welcome as always. A Means to an End – nothing scheduled in gig wise for the moment but I can confirm we are scheduled for Cadence Festival in June, and the Inspire Festival in Glossop in August. Have our fingers in about five other pies for gigs / festivals at the moment so am hopeful for some more too and once I am feeling better (See above – chest infection) we will start rehearsing again proper which I am looking forward to as there are several new pieces pending at the moment.

Poetry – Although I am still writing at the moment, I don’t have any plans for performance (Had to cancel two offers in January because of ill health), I have been still writing and passed around another draft of my next book ‘the end of summer’ to a few friends just before Christmas. Without giving too much away, I am pretty excited by the contents of the book and feel it is heading ahead in the direction the book should have been heading, and is pretty nearly done now (About to submit it to a publisher). Before that, in springtime, I have nearly finished off a collection of anti war poetry, which will be called Euro with the writer Nick Armbister that I have been writing over the past 6 months or so. I have completed around 20 or 21 poems for this, and is totally different from my last two proper collections and leads nicely into the end of summer, which again is totally different, and after discussion with Nick we will start work on a possible follow up at the end of 2014.

I also have some poetry due to get published over the next month or three in a few websites / journals. Will keep you informed as I know more here.

Twisted Promise - Work has also just picked up again on a possible poetic play with a writer called P.R. McDowell. We wrote a well-received poetic monologue called ‘twisted promise’ at the end of last year. Work started at the end of last year on a follow up / prequel called Twisted Promise II, which is maybe half done and will be complete maybe over the next month or so, then once we have part 3 and 4 completed we will then look at staging the piece or perhaps even releasing it as a short book (If Part 3 and 4 follow the length of Part 2 – that is very possible).

Work with Amanda Silbernagel – After some discussion with Amanda, this project has now been put on hold until Amanda’s schedule improves and we will complete an album perhaps in 2015 / 2016. Watch this space.

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