Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Latest News and Views 03 June 2014

Dear all;

Been a busy few weeks since I last blogged properly with lots going on and lots forthcoming, so as normal in bite sized chunks:

Project with Amanda Silbernagel – First of all, Amanda has been quiet, very quiet for a long time with her studies but has now packed that in now and will be returning to writing again shortly, and is openly expressing interest about our band or project if you want recording some new stuff. I’ve been working on some new stuff (more on that in a bit) and have emailed her a few bits which has excited the pair of us, so it’s looking promising.

Twisted Promise – Until the other night it looked like all was quiet on that front, but I can now reveal Jeff Dawson (aka Jeffarama!) has surpised both me and Paul after we sent him some bits through by pretty well writing the rest of Part 3. This needs finishing still and re-editing I think but we should have done soon, and then it’s onto Part 4. I also have a idea for a female based poet who I have just met who could help co write Part 5, so things are looking good. Very good.

A Means to an End – After a delay involving bad health at the end of last year / beginning of this year, the band is now back on track and have done two gigs in May in the space of a week. First of all, we played part of a festival Darwen Live on Monday 26 May 2014 where with guest guitarist, Ian Livesy, we played a 45 minute set on what properly was the best sound desk we have played on and resulted in some lovely recording on youtube which may well end up on some of our demos. A few days later, we then followed it on the Thursday 29 May 2014 at Salford’s The Crescent in full of a small but welcomling audience, we played 8 piecees including two brand new pieces and while the sound from the PA was no where near as crisp, it had a warmness that all three of us really enjoyed playing.

Next up for us is a radio session featuring my good buddy Jack Baker at all FM for his radio show ‘All things manchester’ next Tuesday 10 June 2014 between 11am to 12 Noon and then a appearance at the Cadence Festival on 14 June 2014 at the Cadence CafĂ© between 1pm to 5pm and we have other gigs pencilled in for August and September also.

Solo Piano Work: - One or two know I fairly recently bought myself a little midi keyboard which I wanted to get to get away from huge keyboards which I could then plug into my laptop to do some keyboard work maybe for myself and the band. Well, after a delayed start – I now have a EP ready (Untitled yet) which I will be releasing on bandcamp within the next month or two and over the summer will then start approaching net labels to try and get some more stuff released. Watch this space..

Solo Poetry: Nothing planned here apart from a few appearances at some low key open mike nights where I hope to start playing around under a new performance alias which I won’t reveal yet.

Writing wise: After Napwrimo finished at the end of April, I have had a much quieter May as was expected but had a poetry published about Israel as previously announced. I have wrote a few others for possible commissions for other magazines.

On my website, as stated I will shortly have six poems (Mystery Story, The Way Out, Frozen Tomb, Repose, The 7.39 and Revenge) will be appearing in a tiny chapbook called Mystery Story. Will be free to download and I am delighted with it. More details to follow.

Four poems, three brand new - Wind across the fences, Mystery Story (again), Next Summer and Cages are all due also to get published in Lost Coast Review in July or August I believe, Brine Books which published several of my poems from my recently published book ‘Europa’ with Nick Armbrister are publishing three more from it, Grandfather, Priscilla and Prisoners of War III in another as of yet untitled book of theirs due out before the end of the year and another journal ‘The Lake’ is going to print two more poems ‘Days’ and ‘Lost’ in their July 2014 issue. Phew!

Lastly on this section ‘Ariadne’s thread’ with their Issue 11 (http://www.ariadnethread.net/index.php/issues/issue-11) has just published two of my poems ‘Kissing my every thread’ and ‘Disappear’. Yet to see a copy of this but to say I am over the moon is a under-statement.

Writers of the third kind – Our last workshop for this season will be on 18th June 2014 at the Sweet Green Tavern, near Bolton train station from 7pm to 9pm.
Hope to see one or two of you there.

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