Sunday, 20 July 2014

Exile (New Poem)

Last night I dreamt
Of the dark alleyways
Leading to the Sands
And the black bags
Getting pushed around
Outside in the wind
Like a circular sleeping bag
Than a photographic reflection,
Singing through the windows
Of half torn memories
Of a delayed youth
That hung on the edge
Of the Old Arndale
Where we used to go dancing
In mops of blonde perms
And watered down lager,
Strangling our roots
Over noir-ish lights
Where bad 80’s pop
Hovered nervously
Hand in hand
With 60’s motown
Most of which
We had never heard off
Swinging emptily
In memories
Half perturbured in the light
Tied up in reef knots
Of emotion
Standing in disenchanted shadows
Looming near
We once kept
A nervous watch
Constantly watching our backs
Every time something
Came on we liked.

(The Sands was a nightclub in Stretford on the corner of Stretford Mall or Arndale if you like)

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