Sunday, 13 July 2014

true story in Hayshem near Morecambe yesterday

True Story.. Just back from Hayshem near Morecambe after been away for a few days with my friend, Russell. Yesterday after a long, long walk down Half Moon Bay which I will full recommend for a epic walk, me and Russell did a 4 mile walk and I simply over did it (perks of being diabetic) totally did me in.

Russell was great and went and got his car as he could see how exhausted I was and the twenty or so minutes I had to wait for him was daunting and worrying as I haven’t faced this kind of exhaustion before which suffering from Diabetes.

Out of nowhere, within seconds of Russell going, this young lady below appeared out of nowhere and stopped me worrying about been over exhausted until Russell returned by constantly rubbing herself against me and purring.

One thing I learnt from this was no matter what happens to me in the future is the fact I will always have a cat living with me as this young lady probably stopped from totally stressing myself out.

Also total respect to Russell for going to get his car for me in the first place here. 

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