Thursday, 8 October 2015

Late last bus from Bolton

Calloused into a whisper
The loss of your love
Hangs around Moor Lane Station
Next to the market

Burying kisses
At the back of the town hall
Where once you shook Peter Kay’s hand
Into a pasture of love

Stretching past Sainsbury’s
Near the Sweet Green
With our love becoming shapes
Chipped by the moonlight

Clamped in the rain
Asthmatic in the silence
Of rail replacement buses
Just off Tynne Street

Next to the old GUS Building
And Barclays
And the Cattle Market
Just on Orlando Street

Flooding Blackhorse Street
In a headlight of emotion
Speaking against the wind
Like a annex trapped in a bubble

Preserving undated memories
Concaving multitudes
Over books of memories

Never to be seen again

Kissing goodbye
Once again in the rain. 

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