Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Ghost of Mayfield Station

Calling out the same name
Over and over
The sound varies constantly
Before cutting out
Like a chewed up tape

Echoing with a sadness
Bordering on the verge
Of a panic
Almost like they are
Pleading for forgiveness

In a broken sadness
Skipping through
All kinds of turmoil
Of a love clearly died

Left on the platform
No matter
Whether cold or warm

Bordered up
For who knows
How long
Waiting for the
Last train home.

(According to, Mayfield_railway_station Manchester Mayfield is a former railway station in Manchester, England. It is located on the south side of Fairfield Street, next to Manchester Piccadilly station. Opened in 1910, Mayfield was constructed as four-platform relief station adjacent to Piccadilly to alleviate overcrowding. In 1960, the station was closed to passengers and in 1986 it was permanently closed to all services.
After years of abandonment and many proposed development schemes, the station roof was dismantled in February 2013. The site was used for Manchester International Festival in July 2013. Planning permission was granted for conversion of the station to an entertainment venue in November 2013.)

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