Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Pusher (New Poem)

Crazed with worry

Clothed in a bloodless air

Not one body has been found
In the river
Or the lakes
Moving shadow like
On the land

Nor 2

But 85.

85 bodies pedal soft
Conscripted with cold drew
Over 6 years,

Cloaked in the ship canal
And all over
Manchester’s water works
In deafening silence

Kneeling in deep breath

Crossing canal gates
In the Undercroft

Or past the bars
Near Canal Street

And the Warehouse Project,

Salford Quays

28 cases remain an open verdict
Trembling with stillness

Lying in wait

Chiselled in tragedies

Whether drunk or drugged
Or something more sinister

Whispering shells
Across un-answered questions

85 people in 6 years
Over doubled the rate of deaths
In Birmingham



Wishboning towards
a possible truth
none of us want to
possibly face.

(NB. 85 bodies have been found dead
in rivers and canals in Manchester, UK
over the years double the number of
deaths found in Birmingham, UK.

The Police have denied there is a serial
Killer at large. However, the rumour
Persists that a serial killer nicknamed

‘The Pusher’ is responsible) 

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