Friday, 12 February 2016

Inbetween Stations with David Bowie (New Poem)

Laced in memories
There was a love hidden here
Trampled under
old newspapers
Buttoned down
In-between Stations.

A beauty laid low
Separated by the past
Drifting across
Winter coloured hills
Freckled in a shellshocked
Fading sunlight.

There was a tenderness
Blowing open mouthed
Crumbling across time
Reflecting how much
They would have
Once been in love.

Colouring in the sky
Unheeded in a scalloped chase
In a expelled breath
In the middle of the night
On a warm nub of vine
Rhyming in half fear.

Twisting emotions
Bleeding in mismatched pulses
And dropped stitches
Lost in the depths
Of hidden memories
Under different pressures.

Woven in broken light
At the end of the line
Standing still
In differing fashions.

Watching the stars
Stand still telling lies
Caught between Nature
and industry.

Listening to the automated voice
Crackling and freezing
Before breaking down
In different images just up the road.

Bristling branches
Shaking like they were
Clapping hands
At the end of a concert.

Matching the words
Blown apart down the line
Into the past
In-between stations.

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