Monday, 2 May 2011

Week Commencing - 02/05/2011

Not much happened last week as I got tied up with my birthday and running
around in work making sure everything got cleared before I finished this week
for leave aside from more band rehearsals and another lovely walk in Chorlton's
Longford Park (See above).

The band itself has it's first major gig I guess at Chorlton Arts Festival on
Monday 23th May 2011 at one of my favourite places, the Lloyds Hotel
where we will be performing a free maybe 45 minute or so set, which
I am really looking forward to it.

There is plenty of other gigs on the way, but over this week - shortly
I am heading over to watch my friend Helen Back perform at 'Stirred'
a women's poetry reading at Sand Bar, on Grosvenor Street, Manchester.
Not sure if I really fancy this truth be told, but it's for a friend so I'll hang
around until she's been on and then quietly disappear if needed afterwards.

Tommorrow, with Jeffarama 'A Means to an End' are doing our first
pre Chorlton Arts Festival gig at 'Iguana Bar' in Chorlton Cum Hardy.
No idea when we will be on, but I expect it'll be starting maybe 8.30pm
or so.

Wednesday, I am popping over to other halves to make sure she hasn't
forgotten me, before returning over to Bolton for 'Guitars and Verse'
again co-run by Jeffarama which'll be a laugh I hope.

No plans for week-end aside from seeing other half and hopefully enjoying
this weather a bit more and maybe doing some work on book number 2.

More soon.

Hope you are all good


Andy N

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