Monday, 30 May 2011

Latest News - Week Commencing 22 May 2011

Dear all;

After the mad run-up to the Chorlton Arts Festival last week, it was to be expected that afterwards it would be a bit quieter.

The set at Chorlton Arts Festival, I was really pleased with and have plenty off footage to go through, but so far I have uploaded three videos from the night - these are:



A Coin in the Fountain 

Over the coming weeks, I'll be uploading other videos from the night
but the rest of last week and into the bank holiday was resting as
much as possible and in the process, I managed to do a bit of
writing - I posted a new poem as a blog on write out loud called 
'Escape (
for you to read and have another new one just about done called 
'Maine Road Massacre (1988) and a major revision about half
done of a old favourite called 'Fun, Fun, Fun' which is still the same
but has a new lick of paint on it making it I hope somewhat different. 

This week, with it been a shorter week - I am going to chill on Tuesday
before on Wednesday helping Cathy with her mid week shopping
and then on Thursday going to Guitars and Verse, the night me and Jeffarama
run over in Bolton.

This month quoting Jeff off the facebook page ' Following a fine show with 
Linda Jennings and John Darwin last month, this month we have singer/songwriter 
Jason Johnson (pic) and poet Laura Taylor.

I met Jason recently when he did a gig at the Octagon with Dave Sharp, was 
impressed with his songs and asked him to do G n V. He's coming over from Tameside 
and has just released a new album which I can definitely recommend!

I know Laura from the poety and music scene in Wigan, shes on writeoutloud, and 
writes well and is a great performer, well worth seeing!'.

Of course, there is a open mike section that takes at least half of the show which
is just as exciting where I will be debuting two new poems (Probably my last
two blogged on W.O.L.), so come along folks.

And then on Saturday to see Johnny Depp in Pirates 4, which I hope is better
than the terrible third one.

Have a good week all folks.. 

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